The "Do we REALLY, TRULY want to do this???" pre-trip report

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    Aug 17, 2007
    This is only our second trip to the World, but wow, are we doing it in a strange way...:confused3

    So, we decided that two years has been long enough to wait and started planning a trip last spring for December 2009.:cool1:

    Some background info:
    I am an only child. My parents and I were in MK for one day when Epcot was still being built. We had a great time and I always wanted to go back. After DH and I took our boys on Sept. 07, I came home and told both parents that they really should go with us the next time. However, DDad and DMom have been separated for four years and she moved in with us when we moved to a new home a year ago, so the situation around here can be quite strange, stressful, funny, bizarre depending on the day and what they or the lawyers have had to say to each other..

    Since DMom is still a military spouse as they are only separated, our original plan was for DH, DS7, DS5, DMom and me to go together at stay at Port Orleans in the rooms for 5 with a trundle. We would get the military rate on the room, the five military companion tickets and have a great time. Then I started to feel a bit guilty that we hadn't asked DDad. After all, he was the one who put in 20 years in the service, so shouldn't he go, too? But Mom was there and put up with a lot for much of that time, so shouldn't she get a vacation without him for the first time in years?

    So the guilt gets the better of me and I invite DDad and he says yes:eek:. Now we need two rooms so the plan now is to stay at Pop:
    DMom and me in one room
    DH and DDad in the other room
    DS7 and DS5 move between the two at will

    I am a planner, my DH is used to it, DMom thinks I'm nuts to plan or get excited so early, DDad will probably want to take over and run everything, and I'm wondering what I got us into:scared1: And we want to surprise DS7 and DS5 so told them that we're we're going in April. That way they can be a part of the planning without knowing it. To top it all off, we're arriving on DH's birthday and will be there over DS7's 8th birthday.

    Now I'm wondering if I'll make it through to December 12th, or if I'll end up locked up somewhere for strangling a family member! :crazy2:
  2. pennymom

    pennymom DIS Veteran

    Aug 17, 2007
    After much discussion among all concerned, we decided to go with the regular DDP. I think it will be easiest to have everyone's meals prepaid. I'll bring cereal, etc. for breakfasts, and will get milk and fruit when we get there to keep in the fridge.

    While I have been busily reading the Dis and the Unofficial Guide, DMom think I'm nuts for planning so much and so soon (in her opinion)! If either she or DDad gets tired or doesn't feel like going somewhere, they can do what ever they feel by the pool, etc.

    Here's the Touring Plan I have so far....I would REALLY appreciate some feed back! This is only my second trip to the world, and the first planning for a larger group and in an awkward situation! I can make ADRs this Sunday, so keep your fingers crossed.

    Day 1 - Sat. 12/12 - DH's Birthday!
    Arrive MCO at 9:30 am - ME to POP, maybe by 12:00?
    CS lunch @ Pop, and then to MK (ot TS lunch @ MK)
    TS dinner @ 1900 Park Fare - 5:00
    Perhaps Wishes Dessert Party if still available

    Day 2 - Sun. 12/13
    Breakfast in room, then to AK
    TS lunch @ Tusker House w/ 3:15 Nemo the Musical seating?
    return to POP
    CS Dinner either @ Pop or to DHS for evening EMH

    Day 3 - Mon. 12/14
    Breakfast in room, then to DHS
    CS lunch early or snack
    return to Pop?
    TS @ Mama Melrose - 4:30 w/ Fantasmic package?

    Day 4 - Tues. 12/15
    sleep in, CS breakfast @ Pop
    DQ or DTD or BB - depends on weather
    TS @ 1900 Park Fare - 4:30

    Day 5 - Wed. 12/16
    breakfast in room then Epcot all day!
    CS lunch @ Sunshine Seasons
    leave by about 1:00 and rest @ Pop
    return to Epcot - DH does Dive Quest @ 4:30, the rest of us sdo Behind the Seeds @ 4:30 - we go watch DH dive
    Dinner??? - Dive Quest won't be done until at least 7:30 - perhaps just a CS at Epcot or Pop?

    Day 6 - Thurs. 12/17
    breakfast in room - to either MK or DHS?
    CS lunch somewhere
    rest @ Pop
    TS @ Le Cellier if I can get it - 6:00

    Day 7 - Fri. 12/18 - DS7's Birthday
    Epcot all day - DS7's favorite park
    CS lunch
    rest @ Pop?
    TS @ Garden Grill - 6:00

    Day 8 - Sat. 12/19
    DQ, DTD, BB depending on weather
    CS or TS lunch depending on what we have left
    return to Pop by 4:00 to take ME to MCO

    Does all of this sound feasible?

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