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Mar 14, 2001
Just wanted to know if it is worth the $30. fee to join this Club. Are the discounts and other perks worth it?
Hope I posted in the right area. I wasn't quite sure where to post this.
I am a member of Disney Club but I have not found a lot of discounts. Disney Club discouns are mostly offered on the value season and having kids in school the value season is out for us. I have found a lot of great money saving information on this web site. Lots of information and helpful people are here in this message board. Also, another great site is
1. About a 5% discount on park admissions. AAA members get the same discount on passes that they purchase through the AAA - and not all AAA carry all passes. If you are NOT a member of AAA you can also get discounted tickets through
2. Varying discounts at varying times on Disney Resorts subject to availability. If you are a AAA member - you get the same discount at the same time also based upon availability.
3. 10% discount at The Disney Stores
4. 10% discount on purchases over $50 a The World of Disney and a few other stores in Downtown Disney.
5. A membership in the Entertainment Club - you get the 50% discounts that you get on hotels in the Entertainment Book.
6. Discounts on National Car Rental.
7. You get the Disney Magazine 4 times a year.

This list may be somewhat incomplete, but it highlights the bulk of the discounts for WDW.
I hope that this will help you make your decision.
(I have decided NOT to purchase the membership.)

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is the paid membership in dc the only one still available? or is the free one from certain employers still around? thanks!

Unfortunately, there are no more "free" memberships. Those who were members last year were offered a $10 discount on the membership.
That is why I thought long and hard about renewing, and I will for sure this year. And I think that I will NOT renew while I am a member of AAA - you get the same resort discounts (the biggest way to save with DC) from them.

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You also get Emerald Aisle through National for free (a $50 value).

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Personally, I have found the card to be well worth it. I got the card because we joined the Magic Kingdom Club in June of last year, and the programs have saved us literally hundreds of dollars. There have been some changes when Disney Club replaced the Magic Kingdom Club, but I still believe it is worthwhile. One of my favorite places to shop for Christmas and for kids birthdays is the Disney Store at our local mall, so even though we don't have a trip planned, it will still be saving us money. Hope this helps


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