The Brown's AKL Adventure - Day2

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    Susy-36, celebrating 36th b-day at Cindy's

    Michael- 32, best husband in the world

    Marcus-4, best little boy in the world.

    Day 2-

    We were up early, so I got dressed and walked around the lodge. It smelled great and the music was playing. Stopped at Mara and got coffee in our refillable mug. We were at the bus at 7:15 and off to AK at 7:30.

    Had a PS at Breakfastsaurus at 8:05.
    Wonderful buffet and character interaction. Donald came first, then Mickey, then Pluto, and Goofy. Our server was great and tried the ketchup trick, but we had been there before! He did the sugar trick for DS and he loved it.

    We were out before the park opened. Rode Triceratops Spin twice, then Primeval Whirl , The Boneyard and worked our way over to Kali. It wasn't operating yet, so we had to wait a few minutes and walked right on. We got "I jumped in a swimming pool" soaked!!! I got off, but DH and DS rode again.

    We walked through the Jungle Trek, then over to Africa to take the train over to the conservation station. DS had fun brushing the animals. We then walked through the Pangani Forest Trail and decided to call it a day at AK. The crowds were pretty light for a holiday weekend. We tried the Flametree, as we have always wanted to eat there. We split a sandwich and got DS some popcorn.

    Off to the buses- the bus was waiting and we were back at the lodge in no time.

    We changed into swimsuits and went to he pool. The pool was wonderful. So relaxing...
    I got a drink at the pool bar- the Nyami Nyami. It was pretty good, but not as good as the Swahili Colada!

    I stayed for a while and then went up to the room to take a shower. DH and DS came up with a hot dog and fries for DS. I walked around the lodge and found my way down to the Zawadi Marketplace. I bought us all AKL t-shirts, got a soda refill and went back upstairs. I really liked being so near everything.

    DH wanted to take a nap so I took DS for a walk around the lodge. We went to the Overlook and saw some Zebra and other animals.We went back to the store, where I bought a magnet and a stuffed animal for DS.

    DH woke up and we got ready to go to Epcot. We all wore our new shirts. We waited a few minutes for a bus and were off. First we stopped at AK and then BB . We finally got to Epcot and headed for Spaceship Earth . Went to Ice Station cool. I just have to taste the Beverly each time. It was horrible, as usual. We rode Journey Into Imagination and thought it was sooo cute. DS loved the skunk part! It started to rain as we headed to the World Showcase. Out came the ponchos! We ran to Rose and Crown. It wasn't busy and those without a PS were being seated right away. We had so much fun here and the food was great!

    The rain stopped , so we walked around the World Showcase. DS started a mask in the UK and worked on it again at France. The Parade was starting so we grabbed a spot (the place was empty) and sat down. DS was laughing so hard. He loves this parade. About half way through he said, "I want to go now". I signaled to DH and we got up to leave. I think he decided that he did not want to see Illuminations after all. He is still a little afraid of fireworks. We walked over to Future World and DS played for a while on the sidewalk that lights up. Then we went to guest relations so that DH and DS could get new passes. Theirs got soaked on Kali! Off to the buses! We had to wait a few minutes and then we were off to AKL .

    Tomorrow- my b-day at Cindy's!!!!
  2. pumba


    Dec 28, 1999
    AK ponchos.....isn't it great.....I love Disney with or without the rain.....thanks so much for your report
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    Aug 18, 2001
    Was there a height restriction on PW @ AK?

    Thanks for sharing!
  4. susy

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    yes. It is 48 inches and they are VERY strict
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    Feb 3, 2001
    You certainly had a busy day! Thanks for sharing!

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