The Brown's AKL Adventure- Day 3

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    Susy-36, celebrating 36th b-day at Cindy's

    Michael- 32, best husband in the world

    Marcus-4, best little boy in the world

    Day3- Cindy's and MK!

    Woke up at 5:30 am . We got a wake up call from Mickey at 6am and we let Marcus answer. He was so happy! We walked around the resort a bit and were down by the bus at 7am. Bus came at 7:15 and we were at the Magic Kingdom by 7:30 am.

    First in line and, of course, my pass wasn't working. Oh, well. Within a minute we were walking "right down the middle of Main Street USA". It was VERY foggy this morning and we could barely see the Castle. But it was there and so was the "crane". It was off to the right of the castle, but very obvious.

    Checked in for breakfast and went right upstairs. The restauant itself is very pretty and the servers call you "my lord" or "my lady". Our table was decorated for my b- day. The food came out right away. Breads and fruit, followed by the eggs, potatoes and the stuffed french toast. YUM!!! Mary Poppins came around first. She was "prim and proper". Then came Snow White, who was just like a little girl. Belle was next , followed by Aurora and Cinderella. They were all great!

    After breakfast we went to wait for the rope drop at Tomorrowland. We headed straight for Buzz . Then walked on to Astro Orbiter and Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Marcus wanted the Haunted Mansion, so we walked through Fantasyland. Most of the waits there were 15 minutes. Walked right into HM and then went over to ride Thunder and Splash. DH didn't want to ride TM, so DS and I got in line, while DH got us FP for Splash . We waited for 10 minutes on TM. Met up with DH and waited a few minutes for our FP time . We enjoyed a popsicle while we waited . Went on Splash. Perfect as always!

    It was about 11, so we went over to Tom Sawyer's. While DH and Ds explored the caves, I went over to Aunt Polly's.....they changed the menu!!!!!! All deserts now! Just PB and J sandwiches. A family was there, holding a copy of the Unofficial Guide and explaining to the CM that Aunt Polly's was recommended for lunch. Well...they enjoyed their PB and J sandwiches and I had strawberry shortcake.

    After Tom Sawyer's we decided to head back to AKL. Stopped at the Candy Store to get fudge and Pez . We could not believe all the crowds just arriving. It was getting very hot ,as well.

    AKL was the first bus stop. We waited for about 10 minutes and we were off to the Lodge!

    DH was tired and wanted to take a nap, so I took DS down to the pool. We had a great time, but missed daddy. Just as we were going to go up to wake him, he appeared at the balcony and motioned that he was coming down. When he got down to the pool we decided that we were all a bit hungry. Dh went over to Mara to get some food. We ate at one of the outdoor tables. Ds had a hot dog, Dh had a hamburger and I had the sugar cane chicken. We went back in the pool and I went down the slide twice!

    We then decided to get changed and spend a little time at Downtown Disney. It was about 3pm and HOT. We had a bit of a wait for the bus and it took a little while to get there. We went to the Lego Store, World of Disney, Team Mickey, and Once Upon a Toy-spent some money here... back to the lodge. We got back at 6pm. Just in time to change for our PS at Boma.

    Dropped Ds off at Simba's Cubhouse at 6:30 and went to check in at Boma. We had about a twenty minute wait. There were a lot of people complaining about the wait. Maybe they forgot it was a holiday weekend? Boma was great ! Love those Zebra Domes!!!!
    After dinner we picked up DS. He had a great time at Simba's.
    Back in the room, we played our new Disney Candyland game and packed up as we were leaving the next day. In bed by 10pm!
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    Dec 28, 1999
    hotel window expecting to see Epcot and only seeing was bad....Some day we shall have to try Bomas ....sounds great.....thanks for your report
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    Aug 18, 2001
    Thanks for the report!
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    Feb 3, 2001
    Another great day! I am really looking forward to seeing Once Upon a Toy Store! It seems fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing your report - and Happy Birthday, susy!!!!!!!!!

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