The Big Family Trip to WDW – Day 10


Earning My Ears
Apr 5, 2002
Day 10 – Sunday, July 14

The Big Family Trip to WDW – Day 10

It's finally here..... Check out time :( :( :(

We sleep in late and get everything packed and stowed in the Expedition before heading over to DD. My MIL wants us to have our picture taken with Mickey and she uses one of her +'s to get it for us. We booked under a different package and saved ourselves about $250 by not getting the +'s. However, my MIL didn't book until about 3 weeks prior to departure and the the package we got was no longer available. So she used all of her +'s to get Photo sessions for all of the her Kid's families.

We hit McD's for lunch. Today is my parents 40th wedding anniversary and they think it's funny that they are eating at McD's for their anniversary. One of the first meals they ate on their honneymoon was at McD's. Too Funny!!!!

After lunch we encounter our worst experience with Disney Transportion. Our kids still haven't ridden the Monorail and since I promised we would we all (The 'BIG' Group) decide that we will catch a bus to the Contemporary and from there ride the Monorail to MK. Well we end up just missing the bus and we wait, wait, and wait some more. We see at least 2 busses come and go for every other resort except the contemporary. Finally after about 30 minutes I ask one of the bus drivers when a bus is coming to pick up for the Contemporary and he directs me to a van parked at the intersection that directs where they are to pick up their next passengers. Looks like someone has beaten me to it and this lady is over at the van giving them an earful. The dispatcher said that he thought there was just 2 or 3 waiting for the bus and was dispatching the busses to the other stops that had more people waiting. Don't know what this guy was looking at because we had at least 35 people waiting for 25 minutes. So the next bus picks us up and were off to the Contemporary. One family said that they were supposed to meet the limo at 3:00 and they are in danger of missing their flight and states that Disney will pay. Excuse me, but you shouldn't be at DD at 2:30 if your supposed to be leaving at 3:00. So I woudn't expect Disney to pay for his missed flight. The 30 minutes just seemed long since we were used to 5 - 15 minute waits before now. All in All, the Disney transportation system worked very well for us and I would rate it a 9 out of 10.

We arrive at the contemporary and are seated on the monorail as soon as the first tram arrives. As soon as we arrive at MK I gather everyone's FP's and head back to Splash Mountain while everyone else takes their time and will meet me at the Smith Family Tree House. It's about 4:20 by the time I get to the FP machines and the return time is 8:30 - 9:30. I hesitate on getting everyone a FP since I'm not sure if everyone will stay until 8:30, but I end up getting FP's for all. I meet up with everyone and we do the Tree House.

We re-ride our favorites like HM, Pirates, the Train and get to do The Hall Of Presidents. At 6:00 PM we meet back at Buzz and only my family decides to stay for the remainder of the day. Everyone else decides to go back to All Star Music to get the vehicles and to move over to the Fairfield Inn at Lake Buena Vista and to go to the pool.

I tell my dad that we will meet him at All Star Music at 10:30 so that he can pick us up and take us to the motel.

Left on our own once again, we can get down to doing some of the things we were unable to do the first day at MK. We are able to do Pooh, Sleeping Beauty, and Peter Pan all within an hour without the use of a FP.

After a snack, and a little shopping it's back to Splash Mountain to use our FP's. We only have 10 FP's since my MIL and FIL weren't with us when we entered the park so we ride twice and I give the other two FP's to a couple of teenage girls that rode behind us on our second ride. The parade has started, so time to head over to BTMRR. It starts to rain and we do BTMRR in the rain 3 times in a row without having to get off. This ride is a lot more exciting in the dark than it is during the day.

After BTMRR we head back to Tommorrow land to see if we can ride Space Mountain one more time. Unfortunately, there is still about a 40 minute wait and we don't want to waste our last hour standing in line. Instead we are able to do Buzz twice without having to wait in line. After Buzz we end up doing the Rocket Thingy. This is my first time in 5 trips to ever do this ride. As I stated earlier, I always skip this type of ride since they just go in circles and up and down and really aren't that exciting. Well doing this at night and the fact that it is way up in air make it a worth while ride, not to mention the view of the park.

It's almost 10:00, so time to leave :( :( :(

We make it to AS Music right at 10:30 and my dad arrives about 10 minutes later and takes us back to Fairfield Inn.

It's been an awsome 7 days at Disney and it's hard to belive it's over. The Disney part that is, we still have another week of vacation to go and tomorrow we plan on going to Universal Studios.

So I'm off to post day 11 for those of you that are interested.


DIS Veteran
Sep 23, 1999
I envy your stamina! I'm ready to collapse just reading about your day.
Thanks for posting


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Aug 1, 2000
Wow, and I thought your day would be over after DTD! You guys just keep going and going! Sounds like a nice way to end the WDW part of the trip. :D


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