The Adventures of Ichabod Crane and Mister Toad reboot


Jan 16, 2018
No. The original is not one of my favorites to start with and I don't think it needs to be redone. It could be interesting but I'm getting tired of remakes and reboots and even cringe at he phrase 'reboot'. People ought to get 'rebooted' in the tush and create some original material!
I'm even concerned about the upcoming Peter Pan. I enjoy the original but the live action reboot doesn't look too promising since it looks like once again Peter will be portrayed, at least in what I've seen, as an actor much too old to play Peter. Peter is NOT a teen nor does he have a romantic attraction to Wendy. The only versions I've seen that have gotten this right are an early Russian version and the recent film, Pan, which was a grossly underrated film!
I start to wonder if anyone who has created a version of Peter Pan has and recollection or respect for the source material. Peter is a young boy, NOT a teen.

Sorry to ramble on about that on this thread. I should have started a new one.


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