The ABC's of Sauntering Through WDW- Z is for: Zealous Dining with a Touch of Zen (Morimoto Review)

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    Yes, I can see that. Makes perfect sense. Especially the dragons part.


    The snowbanks in town are taller than I am.

    Not bad! And I'd like to see if you can get more from the Orbiter. But... moving... very hard.

    Okay! Looking forward to seeing it!

    :laughing: Thanks!

    Valid point. Something nice or... a back alley. Preferably with someone(s) passed out.

    Or Caesar?

    (I'll take the mimosa. Thanks!)

    ::yes:: Very much so!!

    Ah. Yeah, I like that.

    I'm impressed that you saw that and remembered.

    First thing I noticed. And was... "Wow! That must be incredible sushi!"

    Was it quieter up there? Did you go? I think you did, but not positive.

    She's a trendsetter!

    Then don't. Say you set up lights, adjusted your DSLR to a slow frame rate (slowest synch speed with the strobes, of course) and had a tripod set up and it took eleven takes.

    Oh, I do that too. I have no problem saying (and have) "I don't really like this table, can I sit over there?"

    I just did last night. :)
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