That was the best commercial!


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Feb 17, 2001
Who saw it? As it was an amazing waste of a whole lot of money, it was the greatest themepark advertisement in history! :D I really loved how subtle everything was. Great, great commercial!:D
And here I was watching every commercial and tuning out when the game came back on, but somehow managed to miss it anyway! pout!
The Brisk commercial with Al Roker and Danny DeVito was hysterical
That just help convince my husband the trip I just booked last week might be fun after all!!!!!!!!! He was so wanting to go back to disney and didn't want to try anything new .(i love disney too but I really want to try universal)
I saw it and it was pretty amazing. I thought the "2 parks, 2 days, 1 great adventure" ads were good, but this one beats it.

As the Universal fan that I am, I taped it for later viewing. :)

It really made me want to be there! I wonder if I could get Frankenstein to polish MY toenails?¿
I was pretty amazed at seeing the commercial. I didn't even hear about Universal's involvement other than the few films that they were debating about slotting in their ad time, but to see that they were "sponsors" of the game and the actual ad came as a surprise. And it was a pretty good ad.
But it got me to look for the competition's Mickey Mouse ads also.
There were none.
I am even waiting to see who is "going to Disneyworld".
Typically the MVP of the game is focused on during post game to utter the immortal tag line(both East and West coast versions) in a commercial that airs within five minutes of the end of the game. But with such an exciting game, the MVP was in doubt even until the post game. WOW, what a chinese fire drill that must've been. Kurt Warner drives the Rams to a tying touchdown in about 30 seconds and then Brady goes about 40 yards in 90 secs to get in range for the winning last second fieldgoal by Vinitieri. I bet the Disney camera crew was running in circles. :D :p :D

WOW WHAT A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We saw them tape the "Frankenstein" part of the USF commercial, DD and DH were in the water and may have been in the background. "Frankie" posed with DD for a couple of pix.

Originally posted by MrNonacho
If you missed it, it should be showing up on IFILM pretty soon.
Thanks for the link- cool site! ...and yes the commercial was pretty cute. For a better taste of the rides I still like the streaming videos on the Universal website.

Almost ready to hit the road again!
Really enjoyed the commercial, sure made me miss the parks.

I may have missed the opening, but I was surprised they waited until the end to identify it as Universal, assuming they are targeting the vast unknowing out there. I understand the technique of suspense, but with consumer recognition already a problem, I would have thought it more important to get the name association going right from the start.

My kids also asked why Frankenstein was one of the initial characters. They don't have a strong association of the parks and him. Maybe, he has (pardon the pun) Universal audience recognition that helps get the viewer's attention.

There was also a commercial for the next MIB movie. Too bad they couldn't have down some type of tie-in with the attraction for added promotion. MIBII coming in June, play MIB it at Universal Studios now.
wow thanks for the link.... very smart commericial. I wonder who their ad agency is! -Cris
Just saw the commercial on two different stations within the last half hour. I guess they're pushing it now.
Thanks for the link....I've watched it 5 or 6 times. Will experience the real deal in 5 days.


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