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    A couple of weeks ago we had our trip to the World. My oldest son (then 4, now 5) has been diagnosed with PDD-NOS but we have never used a GAC or DAS before. We made it through most of the week without one, but on Thursday we picked one up as he was beginning to get tired and his autistic traits get a bit amplified when he gets worn out.

    We got our son's DAS outside at HS. We mainly got one for Toy Story Mania. Not really to avoid the length of the line, but the interactive line itself proved to be too overstimulating for him, something I didn't really expect. I know the new interactive lines at rides (TSM, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, etc.) are great for most kids, but they were too much for him. He did fine in lines with no distractions, as long as we were moving a bit.

    This was our first experience asking for one. I didn't know what to expect. I asked while we were waiting for rope drop. The CM was in training and tried to refer us inside but someone else told her that they could issue it there, so I'm not sure if it's something they are changing? She came out of the building to take my son's picture and that was about it. There was no one there the entire time we were getting it.

    I do wish we had a holder for it though as his picture was almost unrecognizable by the middle of day 2. I don't know how people could have used it for the week. Overall it worked really well for us, esp. using it with FP+. We only used it for 3-4 rides total over the 2 days.

    Anyway, i wanted to thank the DISAbility board because honestly I would have just plowed through the "no! no! No!" and meltdowns in line had I not read up on the DAS card here first. I already referred a friend here who is going with her mildly autistic son in a couple of months and was having the same dread I did, esp. in regards to the sensory issues. So, thanks for all your work guys!
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    Glad you found the information helpful.
    They can issue DAS at the outside the gates Guest Relations locations sometimes.
    It depends on how busy it is, how many guests are waiting with ticket issues and whether or not they have iPads to take the pictures.

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