Thank you


Earning My Ears
Aug 19, 2000
That was fast! Thank you for upgrading my status so quickly!

I do have a question about logging in and staying logged in. I noticed that if I closed the browser window I was logged out even though I have cookies enabled to stay logged in since we have moved boards. I left the window open but minimized last night to see what would happen. When I tried this morning I was logged out again. It isn't a big deal; I just wanted to know if there is something I'm doing wrong.

I have AOL 6.0 and Windows 98 running on an HP computer. I am using DSL to connect.

Anything else you can think of that you might need to ask for, please at your convenience.

Spell check goes to an error screen, also.


<font color=3366FF>Domestic Goddess<br>
Feb 11, 1999
Have you gotten this worked out yet, Missy?

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