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    Dec 27, 2009
    I just wanted to thank you to every one on this forum for all of the information on how to handle melt downs etc in the park. There wasn't one specific tip but all the tips combined.

    My ds13 who is a twin, has sensory issues so what would be little, normal things to some make him melt down. Yesterday we were in HS parking lot when it started. We were so happy because it was only 8:45am. He melted down because he says he stepped on "something". After checking his shoes and then "cleaning" them off, he was calmed down enough to catch the tram to the park entrance. (There was nothing on the bottom of his shoes, but I used the sanitizing wipes anyways). At this point, it's about 9:30. I'm still learning about my son's issues because now that he's older he can explain better why he melts down. He never told me about his shoes but now I realize why he only wears white leather shoes...even in Canada in -35 Celsius, he only wears that type shoe, he likes to be sure they are clean.

    Our first stop was ToT, a ride he could never go on when he was younger. The last time we were here was 4 years ago, when he was 9. We would get to the entrance, he would melt down, we would leave. It's funny that our family tries to go when it rains so it's not that busy. It just finished raining so the line wasn't too bad. Right when we got to the entrance, my son started to act anxious and I could see a meltdown starting but then my dd4 was starting a meltdown. Now she's more vocal and it was because of the "dust and dirt and cobwebs". My other dd15 explained to her that it's just like at Halloween, it's fake cobwebs, dirt and dust. Then my other twin ds13, no sensory issues said to his brother "do you remember the last time we were here and you would chicken out right here even though we waited really long?" He piped up "I wasn't chicken, I thought it was really dirty and dusty!!" We all looked at him and had an A-Ha moment. Dd13 said, "you know it's fake, right?" And he says, "well NOW I do!!".

    We found 2 spots in HS that helped us calm him down throughout the day. I don't think I ever read it here so hopefully it helps others. The first spot is outside and it's in btween where they usually sell turkey legs and alcoholic drinks. This spot is shaded and has no traffic. The other spot is inside the RnR store in the corner by the memorabilia, just around the corner from where you look at the screens for pictures. We were able to sit there a couple of times.

    Now this meltdown happened because although my son has the DAS, it's my picture on it. He was melting down for the picture. Well I guess we had a routine where dh would go on if DD4 wouldn't go on. Well I was going to sit out ToT so i could rest with DD4. But since my picture was on the DAS, I couldn't sit out. We explained that the name on the DAS was my son's but with my picture, it was still a no. We knew the meltdown was coming so we got to the quiet corner in RnR store for about 30 min and it really helped!

    Thanks to all of the info I found on this forum!! The one that helped us the most so far is making sure our family forms a "circle" around ds so that no stranger touches him, and he doesn't have a chance of touching a stranger during a meltdown. Thank you all so much!
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    Glad to help and you have also added some helpful tidbits that might help someone else.
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    I'm glad you had an insightful trip. While other forums can get snarky, I've not found anything other than compassion and support of this one! LOVE IT!
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    We use that spot too! Our secret is out. :ssst: Just kidding. Glad your trip is going well.

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