Thank you, stranger at the mall!

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    You were carrying a Mickey Vera Bradley purse, so there's a slim chance you might see this. Heh.

    Today, I took my son to the dentist to get a problematic tooth checked on - the dentist said it was still at "brush a lot and monitor." Since my son cooperated with the dentist this time, I let him choose where to go for his intensely-requested water (his sister's sippy-cup would not do). I gave him the options of mall, zoo, or toy store, and he chose mall. We walked in, 3 year old holding my right hand, 30 lbs 1 year old in my left arm. We sped to the food court. I asked DS what he wanted - he immediately asked for hot dogs from Dairy Queen. We went to DQ, placed our order for 2 hotdogs, chips, and water. I dug through my bag for my lurid green-and-floral wallet - no luck. There were only 2 places other places it could be - the dentist's or the car - so I wasn't too panicked, but I made a double check because I hate inconveniencing the DQ guy. It's still not there, and both social and "but what if I dropped it" panic set in. I apologize to DQ guy, say I've lost my wallet and it's probably in the car...

    And this magnificent person behind me in line says "No, I''ll pay for them, it's alright."

    She's already handing her card to the DQ guy before I process what is happening. I glance at her and wonder what I can do to repay her - I only have diapers, wipes, keys, and my phone in my bag, and I start tearing up from both relief at not having to run with both kids in tow and gratitude for the stranger who foresees my struggle - and I resolve to "pay it forward" because there is no way for me to pay before I recover my wallet. I noted her bag, her dark hair, and friendly, understanding face. I thanked her as well as my sore-armed, shocked self could before scuttling off to feed my hungry kids.

    Today was the first time I've ever had a stranger pay for me. (And as soon as my hangry 3 year old and toddler had eaten as much as they would, I hurried out to my car and found my all-too-lurid wallet under a napkin.)

    Thank you. I know the chances of you seeing this are incredibly slim, but THANK YOU!
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    I just love hearing stories like this! It restores your faith in us humans. LOL What a kind lady and I'm glad you found your wallet. :)
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