Thank you strange guy at MVMCP 11/13/16


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Jul 4, 2004
I want to say an extremely HUGE thank you to a complete stranger at the Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party on Nov 13. 2016......i know he will never see this but want to acknowledge a truly great, honest person!
My husband and I had stopped and sat on the low brick wall surrounding the flower bed just outside the teacup ride when I had to put on my coat as it was getting cool.
I took my Canon camera off my neck and set it between us.
We both got up and went to get in line for the Seven Dwarves ride when half way through the stand by que, I went to take a photo and my camera wasn't there! My husband said oh it's in the backpack, quickly checked and nope!
I panicked and ran weaving back through the line to get out as I knew a $1500 camera would not be left sitting there after 20+ minutes.
As ran up, I did see a guy with a black sweater and camera in his hand about 20 feet from where I had left mine but the camera looked way too big to be mine.
I got to the spot, no camera! I looked in the flowers, nope, it was gone.
I was near tears and just the worst feeling ever.
My husband saw Disney security a short distance away and went over to ask if they had seen it.
The girl took him over to another security guard and they started heading towards the teacup entrance.
Sure enough, the guy had not only returned my camera but a black sweater he had found!!
Renewed my faith that there are still very honest, wonderful people out there and I am so grateful our path crossed with one that night......thank you strange Disney guy for turning in my camera and being my hero that night!!


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