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    Aug 1, 2016
    This story isn't mine, but I thought it worth a share:

    I was in line at Target and behind was a woman and her young daughter (5 yo possibly) purchasing Disney related toys and a card. The person behind them asks the little girl when the birthday party is. Mom answers that the card is not a birthday card but in fact a thank you card for Guest Services at Hollywood Studios. Apparently on the last day of their WDW vacation, daughter lost her autograph book and though she only had a few autographs, she was crushed. They went to guest services to see if anything could be done and left contact information in case it was found. Well, that morning a package arrived addressed to her daughter from WDW! Inside was an autograph book with every character's signature, and when the CM's had run out of pages in the book, they used postcards to finish getting the signatures. A step even further, a second autograph book was in the package from Minnie Mouse personally to this little girl. It contained a written account of her adventures throughout Hollywood Studios tracking down the signatures and even included a few selfies and pictures of her with the various characters.

    In a time of constant negative garbage bogging down the news cycles and social media, I just wanted to say thank you to the kind people in Guest Services who, even though I was not personally involved, managed to brighten my day and this family's day.


    Dec 1, 2013
    What a great story! :)
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    GREAT STORY -it's good to see because so many people rag on Guest Services, but the always try their best and most of the time it shows with a 10

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