Thank you Angela, Tara, Vince, Allen, Marvin, Theresa and Jennye

Discussion in 'Just Say Thanks' started by lisapooh, Dec 25, 2001.

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    Mar 14, 2000
    Thank you for making my last two trips the most enjoyable yet. It is so fustrating to only hear part of what is going on and not know what people are laughing at during shows and parades. With you all interpreting I could understand and enjoy everything.
    And Tara thank you for the encouragement that I will still be able to become an interpreter even being hard of hearing. I was being to think that I might not be able to. You reminded me that there are areas of interpreting I will be able to do inspite of having a hearing impairment.
    Angela and Tara your interpreting at Candlelight Processional was wonderful. You both have a glow that clearly show you truely believe the message you are proclaiming. I saw Candlelight twice and enjoyed it completely both times.
    Jennye I wish you were still here in Miami. We certainly can use more great interpreters here. I will tell Frances and Paula I saw you and you are doing MDCC proud.
    Vince you have such awesome facial expressions. Wow! You really look like Goofy and Pluto when you sign for them.
    Allen you do not look like Vince. You may have the same blonde hair but you do not look alike. No way.
    Theresa, you allow me to do something I have wanted to do for a long time. Got to a pin talk. I wanted to do it at the Pin Event last August but there were no interpreters for the pin event. I really enjoyed Scoop's talk. Hope he didn't wear you out. :)
    Marvin I enjoyed meeting you and hearing through your hands. Thanks.
    All of you were absolutely great. Now I can enjoy shows and parades again!

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