THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Earning My Ears
Mar 28, 2001
We are leaving for Universal/ IOA / Sea World / Disney in a few hours and wanted to let you all know that your information has been absolutely invaluable! We will be back next Friday with several trip reports for all of you! Hopefully we will be able to help someone the way you all helped us! Looking forward to a wonderful time at Hard Rock and Portofino !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aw shuck, twern't nothin'!

Have a great trip. Do not drink all the water in boggy creek! I 'll needs some real soon!

Any pal of Goofy is a pal of mine! :D ;) :cool:
I hope you have an awesome time and I will DEFINITELY be waiting for your trip report 'cause our fun in the sun is coming up a few weeks later!!!



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