Terra Nova Guy and the Raiders of the Lost Park - an August 2018 TR *updated 02/18

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  1. Lifelong_Dreamer

    Lifelong_Dreamer DIS Veteran

    Jan 10, 2007
    :faint: Good for you for sticking it out with the girls, I would have bailed.:laughing:
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  2. Steppesister

    Steppesister DIS Veteran

    Dec 27, 2013
    Well poop! Even though I don't LOVE the Tea Cups, I would ride them for the overlay once.

    I don't know about YOUR picture, but the guy in front of you looks like he needs a bathroom pretty badly.



    That photo is so awesome!

    Yeah,.... uhh... buh-bye. :wave:


    While I applaud your stick-it-outedness, I can also feel your frustration.
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  4. suse66

    suse66 Mickey Bars should be a daily food group!

    Sep 3, 2008
    That is really strange queue for Space.....

    The pictures are great!

    Yikes! You were a good sport....I totally would have bailed and gone to do something else.

    This is an indisputable fact.

    Sorry it was so lackluster. :(

    That is awful!! Did you at least get to see the fireworks?
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  5. amazingact21

    amazingact21 Upendi

    Nov 6, 2010
    Whew, that was a long wait. Especially for you, the person who didn't really care about the meet and greet. My kids are still young, but I already understand that we do things at Disney soley for them. Seeing their smiles and watching them be happy about accomplishing a Disney goal is what makes us happy....but still. I'm sure that wait was a hard pill to swallow! :laughing:
    Hopefully you were able to make it on one of the Halloween-themed rides at some point later on in the party.
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  6. Captain_Oblivious

    Captain_Oblivious DIS Dad #257

    Nov 10, 2008
    I hope you find something in life that gives you as much joy as the Mine Train gave that guy.

    Dang. I wonder what exactly the overlay is.


    Probably a good guess. You won that round.

    As I keep saying...it's just a random stranger in a costume! Like seeing your neighbor on Halloween.

    :faint: No reward is worth this.


    I get that. That's why I didn't ride RnRC until now. I felt guilty making the others wait for me.

    Good man. That's so irritating.

    :confused3 Sigh. There are so many better uses of your time. Like doing your taxes.

    :eek: :faint:

    There had better be free unlimited Dole Whips at the end with a wait like that.
  7. Terra Nova guy

    Terra Nova guy DIS Dad #811 Newfoundland, Canada

    Nov 11, 2014
    One can only hope...

    For Space Mountain you rode with all the lights off, complete darkness. To be honest, I'm not sure I would like that one.
    For the Tea Cups, they had special lighting (i.e. Halloween purple & orange) and different music, presumably of the spookier variety.
    Neither was worth too much trouble, but it would have been fun just to say we did it.

    I have never cut through the queue, it just doesn't feel right. I get there are situations, like your kid needs the bathroom or something, but I kind of feel that if you have to leave the line, you should start from the end again.

    Or having a root canal.
    I won't ever wait that long for a character again. Even if it means going off on my own.

    I wish, I wish....
  8. pkondz

    pkondz . . Dis Dad #797 . . Hoping to get lucky

    Mar 9, 2007
    That's not bad at all! The party hasn't really started yet. :)

    :laughing: Great shots of you guys! (Despite Mr. Red Shirt)

    Yep. No treats for the non-paying folks.

    huh. That's... odd.

    Not really?


    I get that. And going up Main St, isn't that big a deal. Either way you're going to travel to the front of the park and back.

    I like how the girls' shirts have Minnie bows on them. :)

    But it's a good one. :) Didn't know about that one.

    I stood in line once for Jack and Sally... but that was pretty much just for the TR. Won't do it again.


    Ugh. Oh well. You do these things for the kids.

    I wondered what you meant with HM, but then see you meant outside the ride.
    And... yes, Mme Carlotta is awesome. :)

    :rolleyes1 You have to hit the right comment at the right time. Otherwise it's "Blah, blah, blah..." "Dad? Did you say something?" "Yes, I said blah, blah, blah...."

    Yep. That's pretty much it right there.

    Those are cute shots. :)

    That's probably true of most character meets?

    You call that proof? Obviously photoshopped!!!


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  9. Jfsag123

    Jfsag123 DIS Veteran

    Mar 17, 2013
    Caught up on the whole thing and am so enjoying your report! And thanks to you I now have new ways to use “Alien Swirling Saucers” and “Beverly.”

    That 2+ hour wait is awful! We had a wait like that once. We were in MK in 2016 on the last day Tiana and Naveen were meeting together in the gazebo. Like yours, my kids are character crazy and my son insisted on waiting to meet them because we’d never met Naveen. That line took forever. I watched our FP time for splash come and go, the MSEP come and go, my hopes and dreams come and go. But at least when we got to the front the characters provided a really enjoyable and memorable experience!
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  10. buzzrelly

    buzzrelly DIS Veteran

    Nov 20, 2005
    I love Homecomin', but the food there is definitely shareable. Then you would have saved room for my favorite thing there, the Hummingbird Cake :love:

    We attended our first party in October 2010, as well, and had pretty much the same experience. Those were the days ::yes::

    It's a good one, though :thumbsup2

    Wait…you said no more Magic Shots :laughing:




    Last year we waited for Jack & Sally, but we got in line first thing so we were kind of waiting before the party started…maybe 430-6, or something like that. I would never spend so much money and then spend 2.5 hours of it in line :sad:
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  11. Terra Nova guy

    Terra Nova guy DIS Dad #811 Newfoundland, Canada

    Nov 11, 2014
    Thanks very much for reading along. I'm glad you're enjoying it! The long character waits are tough, but if it makes the kids happy, then I will suffer through it.
  12. kastoney

    kastoney Disney foodie served with a side of sarcasm

    Jul 18, 2010
    Wow, no wonder you had such a different impression of the party than us. 2 hours for Moana is insane!!!!!! You're a trooper for hanging in there with the girls though.
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  13. dolewhipdreams

    dolewhipdreams Counting days until my next Dole Whip

    Feb 24, 2017
    Not allowed! All shelves must be cleared or you have no proof of your trip.

    i have no memory.jpg (sorry that image is much bigger than I expected)

    HA! We aren't crazy!

    I have dreams about this mac and cheese.

    The difference in expression between the three of you is phenomenal.

    Hey but it's a good one!

    Preach it!! Never underestimate the power of the Mickey shape.

    Hot diggity dog that's one heckuva wait for an unofficial princess.

    Okay I'm stealing this insult
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  14. disneyAndi14

    disneyAndi14 DIS Veteran

    Jan 1, 2014
    Holy Moana, that was a long wait. We met her in DHS in One Man’s Dream, very short wait for us.

    I love the magic shots!
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  15. missangelalexis

    missangelalexis DIS Veteran

    Apr 27, 2012
    Your matching shirts look great! Yikes, sorry it ended up being such a long wait for Moana.
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  16. docsoliday1

    docsoliday1 DIS Dad #834 Cubs, Dolphins fan forever

    Mar 12, 2008
    Jeff, been really enjoying your TR. Sorry I haven't been replying more. Not only work, but trying to make the most of my APs and I'm mostly reading on phone which isn't good for replies. Heck, I've got a done of PP photos I haven't even thought about uploading...so much Disney and so little time. ;)
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  17. Terra Nova guy

    Terra Nova guy DIS Dad #811 Newfoundland, Canada

    Nov 11, 2014
    No problem Doc, we can all get busy. I often just have time for a quick "like" on TRs especially if I read on my phone.
    I'm happy that you're reading and enjoying it.
    I've been trying to update regularly (every week to 10 days) but I can't always get around to it. I have actually written the whole thing, but just need the time to sort through pictures and post the updates.
  18. khertz

    khertz Proud member of the WHO DAT NATION!!

    Aug 10, 2008
    2.5 hours for Moana! :scared: That's insane!! And really a shame that they so grossly underestimated the line length.

    The magic shots you managed to get are a lot of fun though.
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  19. Terra Nova guy

    Terra Nova guy DIS Dad #811 Newfoundland, Canada

    Nov 11, 2014
    August 24th – Day 7 – Part 3 – More Tragical than Magical – Continued…

    After our marathon wait in the queue for Moana, it was now after 8:00 and nearly dark. I really wanted to do Pirates, especially since I heard about the “live” pirates during the ride. Unfortunately time was a bit short and we soon had to jostle for fireworks position. We did some quick trick or treating at the Jungle Cruise on the way. There was already a fair crowd in The Hub, but we found a corner near the Adventureland path that was a pretty good view, so once again we were waiting. At least this time, I knew how long the wait was. I really like the Halloween lighting and decorations. It's just a shame they don't cover more of the park besides Main Street and The Hub.



    Hallowishes is certainly a highlight of the night for us and this was no exception. I had a hard time choosing just a couple, so here are probably too many pictures of Hallowishes.

    IMG_0337.JPG IMG_0339.JPG






    I desperately wanted to say I had done at least one ride at the party, and we also wanted to do some more trick or treating. We noticed a few treat stations in Frontierland so we stopped at those on the way to BTMRR. I have to mention one “treat” we got was a pouch of applesauce. Seriously? I get that all this candy is likely given to Disney free as marketing for the candy companies, but really? Applesauce? What were the other options at that boardroom meeting? Kale chips? A bag of frozen peas?

    Anyway, I got to ride on Big Thunder, but there was a nearly 20 minute wait. It was a far cry from the walk on & triple loop I experienced back in 2010. It’s still my favourite ride, especially at night.

  20. Terra Nova guy

    Terra Nova guy DIS Dad #811 Newfoundland, Canada

    Nov 11, 2014
    August 24th – Day 7 – Part 3 – More Tragical than Magical – Continued…

    It was nearing the 2nd parade time so we picked a spot near Country Bears to watch. We got there with more than 30 minutes to go, so it wasn’t too crowded then and we got in the front. Boo To You is entertaining, especially the grave diggers and ghost dancers. Like most people, I can’t quite figure out what the giant chicken has to do with Halloween. I do think it may be time for a refresh on the parade.

    I always find night pictures a challenge, especially the Headless Horseman. Below are the best of the bunch.




    I managed to capture a few sparks form the grave diggers shovels this time.



    It was getting late now (after 11:00pm I think) and I couldn’t say that we had gone to the Halloween party and not done Haunted Mansion. We made our way there and waited about 15 minutes.

    I didn’t notice Carlotta on the front lawn, which was disappointing because I’ve never seen her. I think I read she finished at 11:30, so she must have just left. I have made the same mistake every party - waiting for HM until late.

    HM ended up being the last ride for the night. Being close to the end of the party, we made our way out. The Hocus Pocus show was just starting at midnight so we watched that before exiting. It was our first time seeing it, and it was pretty good. Better than the villains’ thing they did a few years ago.


    So, I have come to the disappointing conclusion that I am done with MNSSHP. My opinion – it’s just not worth it anymore. I have spent two parties now trying to recapture the magic of our first one in 2010. I think that magic is gone. The main reason is that the parties are now more crowded, at least they seem to be to me. Part of the attraction for me was the lower crowds. Anecdotally (from listening to a podcast, so I can’t say this is accurate), Disney is selling two or three times the number of tickets for parties than they used to. In the beginning, the tickets were limited, so it was a special experience. Now, they just sell to capacity. The crowds make the lines for rides and characters longer, make it more difficult to get a spot for the fireworks and parade, and just make it less appealing to me. Now, if you have never done a party, by all means, do one. I have never done a Christmas party and I would happily do one if given the chance. The key word being “one”. For the cost of a family of four, the party tickets just don’t give me enough enjoyment to justify multiple visits. If I was going solo, or even as an adult couple, I would re-think it and perhaps plan the night differently. But for now, I won’t do another Halloween party.

    Well, that’s not a very nice way to end a post. Trivia anyone?

    Answers to last questions:

    1. We meet a character at MNSSHP. Which one? Moana
    2. Spoiler – there is a wait for that character. How long do we wait – 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, more than 2 hours? more than 2 hours
    3. We watch the 2nd parade. From where do we watch it? Frontierland

    Next Update Questions for Fun:

    1. We visit AK. I have 4 FP for Flight of Passage. Do all four FP get used?
    2. I get a frozen beverage from a kiosk/food truck. What is it?
    3. We meet one character at AK. Which character?
  21. missangelalexis

    missangelalexis DIS Veteran

    Apr 27, 2012
    Great nighttime photos! I'm sorry you didn't love MNSSHP; it does seem that the parties are getting more and more crowded.

    1. We visit AK. I have 4 FP for Flight of Passage. Do all four FP get used? No
    2. I get a frozen beverage from a kiosk/food truck. What is it? Night Blossom
    3. We meet one character at AK. Which character? Pocahontas
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