Ten days to decide!!!! Would you change from POR to POP???

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Blackbeltdisneygirl, Feb 23, 2013.


Value with DDP, or Moderate without DDP?

  1. POP with DDP?

  2. POR without DDP?

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  1. Blackbeltdisneygirl

    Blackbeltdisneygirl Disney obsessed and proud of it!!!

    Jan 6, 2011
    Hi! I need some help! My husband and I are booked to stay at POR for 9 days in April for our 15 year anniversary. I have roughly ten days before I hit my 45 day mark to decide what I should do. Our trip is already paid off, so that isn't an issue, I just need help deciding what I should do.

    We have only ever stayed at Moderates before on our past trips with kids and extended family. We thought this trip we should stay at a moderate for the fact that they seem a little more peaceful and romantic.

    I called and cancelled our dining plan b/c I thought maybe we could eat cheaper than that. We are still eating at several table service locations though b/c we love them, and don't want to deprive ourselves on our anniversary trip. Today I decided to look up how much it would be to stay in a value (POP) WITH the dining plan, versus staying in a moderate WITHOUT the dining plan. It was roughly the same price. I think I might have to pay about a $200 difference.

    What I am not looking to do is to debate the merits of using the dining plan versus not using it. We love the dining plan. There is something wonderful in knowing that we don't have to worry about how much a meal is going to cost, or how to save money here or go without there. That is not what I am asking. What I am asking is: Would you stay at a moderate and pay for dining out of your pocket, or would you stay at a value and get the dining plan?

    My ONLY reason for switching to POP would be to get the dining plan, so the third option of staying at POP and going without the dining plan is really not an option for us. We love the dining plan.

    I have a pretty negative perception of the values, and my reasons are not fair to be honest with you.
    1.) I visited my parents when they stayed at ASMo to watch a movie under the stars one night. There were SOOOOOOO many kids. That doesn't usually bother me, but we won't have our kids, so I guess I have it in my head that we should have a more peaceful location.

    2.) Also, I was REALLY, REALLY sick when I visited there. I ended up in the ER when we got off the plane about 4 days later, so I am thinking I may not have an accurate idea of how I would feel going there without being sick.

    3.) My parents said their room smelled like smoke, and both my husband and I (my kids as well, but they aren't on this trip) have some issues that require us not being around smoke. We both sleep with Apnea machines, and I have asthma. In my head I know not all the rooms will smell that way, but I can't seem to get past it.

    4.) And then there's stuff I've read about on the DIS. Packed buses, sometimes getting bumped down from a preferred room, etc...

    Sorry this is so long, but I just want to give you an accurate picture of why I am thinking so hard on this. What would you do?
  2. CammelleandBre

    CammelleandBre Mouseketeer

    Jun 10, 2009
    Stick with the moderate. That's all I'm going to say.
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  4. disney is my life

    disney is my life DIS Veteran

    Jul 15, 2012
    I would go with POP with the dining plan. Personally while i think the moderates are nicer looking there are still going to be kids everywhere. I would say POP because of the fact that i cant justify paying close to the same price for a room and tickets as a room tickets and dining plan. But that might just be me. You obviously love the dining plan so i would say go for pop and enjoy it!
  5. FortForever

    FortForever Disney since Day 1

    Aug 16, 2011
    In January, we stayed at our first ever value resort, All Star Sports.

    Personally, I was very impressed. I had expected the rooms to be small and noisy based on what I read here. I didn't find that to be true at all. There were no more kids than what have been at every other resort I've stayed in. The only time we saw kids gathered was at the pool when they were playing Wii Mario Kart on the big screen.

    I have severe asthma, and if I ever got a room with the slightest smell of smoke or mold, I would have to moved immediately. I am very, very sensitive to smells of any kind. Our room was lovely. It was roomy, clean, comfortable, and quiet.

    We were so impressed with the value that we are booked at POP for next week. I won't ever go back to paying more for a room. We have stayed at most of the deluxe and moderate resorts over the years and loved them too. But, we didn't love the value any less, so value it is.

    The only resort I didn't care for was CBR. We stayed there once and won't ever do it again. The room seemed dark and depressing and the resort was too big. It took forever to get anywhere on a bus after stopping at all the other stops.

    The POP has it's own bus so will not be an issue anymore than any other resort. As far as the All Stars go, Sports is first on the bus line so is the best transportation choice.

    This question is a no-brainer for me now. I feel silly at all the years I was afraid to try a value.
  6. Mommyandmouse

    Mommyandmouse Earning My Ears

    Feb 23, 2013
    I've stayed at both several times and would chose POR. There are still kids but usually less and it's def more romantic with the decor and carriage rides,boat rides etc. Food is yummy there too! Hope you have a magical anniversary!princess:
  7. SplashMtnCrew

    SplashMtnCrew DIS Veteran

    Jul 24, 2007
    IMO stay moderate and pay for food out of pocket, we always do this. It is cheaper for us to not use the DDP. That's not the case for all families, but DS is considered adult pricing at WDW. It makes us feel wasteful when we don't use all the credits or to throw away food because Disney portions are huge. We've stayed POP with dining plan and get more bang for our buck staying mod & oop food.
  8. AndiSlamberg

    AndiSlamberg Mouseketeer

    May 15, 2012
    I would also stay at the moderate and paid for food out of pocket.
  9. disneynanacat

    disneynanacat Lovin' Disney Too!

    Feb 18, 2007
    I think if it will keep you from worrying so much and stressing over money it would be best to switch to a value. Especially if you're not going to be in the room much anyway. I've stayed at POP and ASMu and have had no problems whatsoever. I've only stayed at POFQ once as far as mods go. Actually, if I weren't staying deluxe I would prefer a value over a moderate because because there's not much difference in them besides theme to me.
  10. SarahKate

    SarahKate DIS Veteran

    Feb 5, 2006
    Oh my gosh, a value is the last place I'd want to stay for an anniversary trip. POR is so much nicer and more peaceful. POP is great for a value but is much more geared to kids and is noisier, more rowdy at times. You already said yourself you have something against values. What if you switch, maybe just saving a few hundred bucks, and you hate it? You know you like the mods, so don't mess up a good thing! POR is so beautiful and romantic.
  11. Yellosno

    Yellosno DIS Veteran

    May 9, 2011
    Sounds to me like you want POR more based off what Ive read.
  12. SRiley1985

    SRiley1985 Mouseketeer

    Apr 29, 2011
    I voted for you to stay in the moderate. The dining plan is not a good value, IMO. We used the dining plan our first couple of trips but then we rented DVC points and paid OOP last time and will not be using the Dining Plan ever again. Unless you search out the most expensive QS places and order steak every time you eat at a TS, you will not come out ahead. If you are concerned about prepayment, I would go online to the menus at allears, figure out approximately how much you will spend, add a little extra and get a Disney gift card for that amount.

    Last March, my daughter and I went on a trip together for her birthday. I figured since it was just me and her, we could stay at All Star Music for cheaper than our usual Caribbean Beach and it would be no big deal. HOLY CRAP. It was a hectic, dirty, crowded, crazy nightmare. We made it two nights before we switched to POFQ. I paid full price (over $300) to upgrade at the desk and it was worth every penny. Unless it was just for one night, I wouldn't stay at a value again.
  13. ponyboy

    ponyboy baseball, baseball, baseball

    Jul 23, 2010
    I just did the math and there is exactly a zero percent chance I would stay at a value resort for my anniversary.
  14. 2DisPrincesses

    2DisPrincesses DIS Veteran

    Mar 30, 2009
    How much time do you spend at the resort, use the pool, etc? If you spend much time there, I would keep POR. If you will be in the Parks and/or dining and just crashing at the Resort, the value might be okay???
  15. disneybliss2

    disneybliss2 DIS Veteran

    May 27, 2008
    I think you already have your answer. Everything in your post indicates that you want to stay at POR. If you only ever stayed at mods before, I think you'd be disappointed in the values for your anniversary trip. They really are much quieter, calmer, and more relaxing than the values. I too am a really big fan of the dining plan, but still I'd pay oop to try shave some cost and stay at the moderate.
  16. carly chloe

    carly chloe DIS Veteran

    Oct 10, 2008
    While the dining plan IS nice- you are staying there for 9 nights. That's quite alot of nights. We stayed with POP- with a 3 year old and teens and we HATED it. It is the most chaotic resort there is. The AllStars arent as chaotic. We feel the moderates are WAY more relaxing!!! It's a hard choice but close your eyes and picture lots of loud kids everyday. POP has 1,000 more people than the AllStars so that was mild compared to POP.
  17. Tarheel girl 1975

    Tarheel girl 1975 Supposed Former Fastpass Hoarder

    Jul 16, 2008
    Stay at POR. You will celebrating your anniversary and nine nights is a long time to stay at a value. The dining plan usually isn't worth it, but you may want to sit down and do the math. If you find that there isn't much difference in cost, you may want to add the plan just for the piece of mind it gives you.
  18. TBLaube

    TBLaube I am a proud Disney addict!

    Apr 9, 2004
    Stay at POR. Both POFQ and POR are so beautiful. Definitely more romantic than POP and more options with the boat ride to DTD. Yes there will be kids, but POR is a much better anniversary and adult trip option.
  19. Inga

    Inga Mouseketeer

    Nov 21, 1999
    We have stayed at the value resorts many times (DH and I, no kids) as well as POR...we prefer POFQ but nonetheless, I would suggest staying at POR vs value resort. Lovely boat ride to DTD is one thing, more centralized location to the parks is another. Lovely romantic setting vs kid-themed location. As for the dining plan, we have not done it and will not in the future...too much excess food. Don't need to overeat for 9 days and feel gross by the end of it, but that is just IMHO!

    The value resorts are great, but if the decision is value or moderate, as DINKs we go moderate. Actually now we go DVC! :)

  20. Lauren0505

    Lauren0505 Mouseketeer

    Jun 4, 2010
    If it weren't an anniversary trip I would say Pop. I love Pop and wouldn't hesitate to stay there but is no potential for romance there. POR or POFQ would be my choice for an anniversary kid free trip.
    Side note-my son is about to test for his brown belt in TKD.
    Congratulations on your anniversary! Hope you have a great trip!
  21. jasonsk287

    jasonsk287 Earning My Ears

    Feb 16, 2013
    Since you'll be staying for so long, I would definitely do POR. I feel like that's more important, since you can always do OOP for dining and you'd be at a nicer, quieter resort. A poster above mentioned a Disney gift card, I think that's a great idea- you can get one before you go and use that strictly as a prepaid dining card.

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