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    Feb 6, 2009

    I think there was a thread in the past, on how you surprise the children about going to orlando.

    We have booked and going next August, we wont tell the children until next year probably but want to make a big thing/suprise out of it as it is their first time to orlando (they love disneyland paris). We have book discovery cove but will not tell them that until the day we visit there as their last surprise.

    We are thinking of maybe having six boxes and making them decide between them which box to choose for their holiday next year, by opening one by one to see where they could have gone :lmao: (tell them that in each box is a different holiday destination).

    Can anyone help with the link to the previous thread or your ideas please.

    One is 12 and one 14 - thanks :goodvibes
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    Other people on here have made a treasure hunt with lots of Disney clues, the last thing they find are the tickets or something similar, I like that idea :goodvibes Joh and Natalie made a dvd I think which played Disney music and had text about where they were going, that was really good as well :thumbsup2
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    We got an idea from the dlrp board for our trip to dlrp. On Christmas Day, we wrapped up two large boxes with a Disney helium balloon inside each one. When the two older girls opened their boxes, the helium balloons floated out with a personal invitation from Mickey and Minnie attached to the balloons.

    Another thing that people do on the dlrp boards (might do it here, I'm not sure) is to get someone who is going before your trip to send a postcard from Disneyland to the child. You could ask someone on here to do that if they are going before you.

    I have decided that when we eventually take the girls to Florida for the first time, I am not telling them until we are at the airport.:rotfl:

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