Tell me abput afternoon tea at the GF?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Leigh123, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. Leigh123

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    Apr 29, 2000
    I was thinking of dragging hubby to this. Let me tell you why, he is such a great sport but gets funnily irratated (if that makes sense) during this type of thing....nothing will ever beat the first year I took him to Cindies to eat and a man dressed in tights put a napkin on his lap and said "what can I get for you, your majesty". Anyway, I though the tea may be a new way to aggrivate him, and I think it looks like a new experience for me as well, so please share all the details with me...thanks
  2. helenk

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    Jan 4, 2000
    The tea is very enjoyable, we did not see to many men when we went, my son was with us, he was 17 at the time and he enjoyed it that year. It is a very relaxed experience, keep an hour and a half of your time slotted for this if you decide to go.
    You can select different teas, and different levels of "meals" we had the grand tea which was your selection of tea, tea sandwiches, scones with cream and raspberry jam, truffles and a glass of sparkling wine for my mother and I and sparkling grape juice or apple juice for my son.
    Check out Deb wills site for the menu it has all the options listed.
    We were stuffed when we left, it was our late afternoon meal.
    It really depends on your husband, some are good natured about going and some are not.
    you do not need to dress up, although some people were, we were in our shorts and nice tee shirts, but did not feel out of place.
    I would love to go again, but this year just my son and I are going to WDW and he said he rather pass.
  3. Ralph&Pam

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    Apr 29, 2001
    Yes, take him. He might like Prince Edward's Tea or the Gentleman's Platter with his choice of a la carte tea. Prince Edward's Tea includes the Gentleman's Platter plus choice of tea, scones with clotted cream, and a glass of port. It made an excellent meal.


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