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Mar 21, 2001
I may try to book a room there for my family, 2 adults & 2 children. We are not DVC owners. Can you tell me about the rooms, restaurants, if there is a food court or counter service, how far to the space center? Thanks, any info is appreciated :) !
For rooms you have the choice of a studio, an Inn room or if you want to push the boat out a one bedroom suite.

A studio is roughly the size of a regular hotel room and has a Queen sized bed and a queen size sofabed. You have a microwave, small fridge, kitchen sink. The studios are all in the "outer buildings and generally these are a little quieter than being in the Inn. Having the sofa bed does give you the feeling of a lot more room in the unit when it is folded up.

An Inn room has two queen sized beds and is situated in the main building. Because there are more people about ( walking up and down corridors etc) generally you will get a little more noise in the Inn rooms, but if your kids are mature enough you could enjoy a drink in the bar for an hour and feel that if the needed you they don't have to walk through the gardens to get to you. If your kids are alittle older having two "proper beds" might be an advantage.

A one bedroom has a kingsize bed in the master bedroom. A queen size sofabed in the lounge. The lounge area also has armchairs, a dining table and chairs. A full kitchen plus there is a room for the washer and dryer. The bathroom is split with a family size jacuzzi and sink in one part , the other has a large walk in shower, another sink and the toilet. These are fabulous units and the extra space means some privacy from/for the kids.

I believe they have just changed the restaurant set up. Previously there were two service restaurants. The food came from the same kitchen but one, Sonia's, was a little more upmarket ( read expensive LOL) than Shutters. Both served fine food, but IMHO were noticably more expensive than similar quality restaurants a short drive away. There is also a snack bar around the pool area that does, sandwiches, burgers etc for lunch. IF you are prepared to venture off site to eat , there is a book by reception that gives details, directions and sample menus of some of the other restaurants around.

Vero has a great pool area and a nice slide. The beach is accessed along a walkway ( maybe 50 yards) from the gate to the pool area. The beach at Vero, while very nice, isn't very wide and does drop off quite rapidly. IT is quite easy to get out of your depth at Vero and for this reason you do have to keep an eye on your kids when on the beach. There is a board that gives warnings if there are dangerous conditions/creatures about at that time (i.e jellyfish etc). You can rent boogie boards,jetbikes and sailing craft on the beach.

The space centre is probably an hour at least drive so a similar distance to WDW.

Vero is a great beach resort and the Disney quality is well evident in the attitude of the staff and the facilities at the resort.
Thanks Vernon:) ! You simplified that for me. I was getting confused reading different things!
One more question, would we have maid service in a studio or inn room?
Thanks again. Sounds like a place we MUST try!:cool:
Although they might be too much room for your group, they do have 2 bedroom units and also Beach Houses (the equivalent of a GV at OKW & BWV). If you book with the resort (not using DVC points), then you do get daily maid service in any of the rooms/villas. You can see pictures of Vero at

Thanks Pam:) !
Now, I must decide whether to go with the Birnbaum 25% offer for our June or July trip OR wait for a FL residence offer:confused: . I called and there was availability for Birnbaums in those months!:)

(this site is loading SO slow I did not think I would ever be able to answer:( )


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