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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by DVC Jen, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. DVC Jen

    DVC Jen Wigs out even the biggest circus freaks.

    Jan 11, 2004
    I made our first reservation there for our upcoming July trip. I chose lunch over dinner since lunch is usually a few dollars cheaper and the menu didn't look quite as adventurous for my husband and daughter.

    Other than the bread service what can we expect?
  2. Shelbizzles

    Shelbizzles Mermaid

    Apr 19, 2015
    Following! I would like to hear about it too, I'm considering it for our upcoming trip :)
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  4. mombrontrent

    mombrontrent DIS Veteran

    Mar 8, 2008
    We are having dinner here for the first time on Monday night, I can't wait, I've been wanting to try this place for awhile now and we've never made it over there. I know I'm getting the bread service for sure and booked the first ADR time slot for dinner at 5:00 so I can request a window seat while it's still light out.
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  5. TheRustyScupper

    TheRustyScupper Seeing isn't Believing, Believing is Seeing.

    Aug 8, 2000
    Our Ratings of Sanaa: (*rev 10/09/2017*)
    . . . food price value: B
    . . . food quality: B
    . . . food quantity per serving: B
    . . . food prep speed: B
    . . . food selection: C
    . . . seating quantity: C
    . . . seating comfort: C
    . . . eatery atmosphere: B
    . . . eatery convenience: C
    . . . staff friendliness: A
    . . . staff attentiveness: A
    . . . character interaction: B (views of animals on Savannah)
    Our Recommendations:
    . . . appys:... Indian Style Bread Service
    . . . entrée:.. Beef Short Ribs
    . . . dessert:. Banana Kulfi Sundae (available seasonally) or Banana Cheesecake
    NOTE1: Has good regional African food. Americanized, but definitely more adventurous than
    other eateries. The menu is shorter than other table service eateries, the wine list average,
    but the quality of the food and presentation are high. An added benefit is the viewing animals
    on the Savannah during the meal (for daylight hours). There are eight window tables and six
    more with good views. For lunch, try the Lamb Kefta open face sandwich; for dinner, try the
    beef and lamb. Don't miss out on the Banana Kulfi Sundae. We like the bread appy/sampler,
    as well as the salad sampler with three salads; either will feed two people. Be aware that items
    labeled as "Durban" are highly spiced, best washed down with cold milk! It is out of the way,
    but is worth the long drive. This is only one of the five sit down eateries we patronize at WDW.
    In our opinion, Sanaa is better than Jiko or Boma. As a PS, they accommodate kids really well.
    NOTE2: There has been a MAJOR menu change for lunch. The bread and sandwich offerings are
    still there, but CONSIDERABLY toned-down for "heat". I had the Lamb Kefta (aka, Lamb Burger).
    It was very tasty and nicely spiced, but no "heat". I asked, and yes, the menu items have
    been altered. I asked for some PeliPeli sauce, which is a VERY, VERY hot Indian sauce. If
    I put more than 1/32" ball on my fork, my lips and tongue would go numb! This was great, as
    any Indian food that doesn't bring sweat droplets to your forehead is too mild. So, if you
    enjoy something very spicy, ask for the PeliPeli on-the-side in a ramekin, but use sparingly.
    NOTE3: Sanaa is a really good place to split/share meals. It not only helps cut the cost of
    eating, but gives you a chance to sample the various offerings.
    NOTE4: We prefer the lunch over the dinner.
    . . . the fare is a little lighter
    . . . the price is better
    . . . the appys and salads are the same
    . . . the lower number of people eating
    . . . the ability to see animals on the Savannah
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  6. MHDTS

    MHDTS Mouseketeer

    Sep 9, 2003
    We love it! Be sure and order the breads with different sauces -- don't be afraid to make a hot selection one of your choices.

    As Rusty said, it's a good place to order different things and share meals. And watching the animals wander by outside is a real treat as well.
  7. dixielanfan73

    dixielanfan73 Mouseketeer

    Apr 4, 2012
    We went with our kids ( dd 10 & ds 13) for lunch last spring. My daughter ( who also has a tree nut allergy) will try new things but my son is in no way an adventurous eater.

    We ordered the bread service and everyone enjoyed it. My son actually found a sauce (tomato and dates?)that he really liked. He ended up ordering the tandoori shrimp with no topppngs .. just shrimp, naan and more of that sauce! They were so accommodating and service was fantastic! Dd and I both enjoyed the tandoori chicken and DH said his steak was very good as well. Sanaa is
    now the only restaurant that both my kids are requesting that we return to during our upcoming trip in April.
  8. Maistre Gracey

    Maistre Gracey DIS Veteran

    Apr 23, 2002
    Love Sanaa. Love the bread service and the terrific atmosphere.

  9. monorailmom

    monorailmom DIS Veteran

    May 6, 2008
    We love Sanaa! Our son is not an adventurous eater, either...but he always says the burger they offer for lunch is the best he's ever had. He does really love the bread service, too. That is a can't miss when you go to Sanaa! The servers are also really good at breaking down the menu for you and answering all questions you may have.
  10. Jennasis

    Jennasis DIS life goes on

    Jun 11, 2000
    We loved our meal there. Honestly, the bread service? Overrated. The entrees are where it's at. The butter chicken was outstanding as was DH's braivleis. So good.
  11. Ann812

    Ann812 Earning My Ears

    Sep 27, 2015
    Bread service is a must (obviously) and I found that though my mom and I were warned that the entrees were really only for one person, we were totally satisfied with splitting the bread + entree. We went for lunch, and I didn't have breakfast in preparation for the bread, because I. Love. Bread. (cue Oprah) We still had almost two pieces of bread left and weren't able to finish our rice because we were so stuffed.
  12. ThreeBoyMama

    ThreeBoyMama DIS Veteran

    Nov 5, 2014
    The food is good--not amazing--but the beautiful theming, atmosphere, and the super friendly staff really contribute to the experience, as does the gorgeous and unique view. Sanaa is always a must do for us! We are huge fans of the bread service, but have also been happy with several other items on the menu (I really liked the open faced tandoori chicken sandwich that they have at lunch, and we also like the butter chicken). My boys are not very adventurous eaters and this is one of their favorite restaurants which probably speaks to how authentically African the food really is, as @TheRustyScupper correctly pointed out, but it's still tasty and a very enjoyable experience. My youngest and I will be returning for a fourth time in September and are looking forward to it!
  13. Steve11874

    Steve11874 Earning My Ears

    May 12, 2016
    Sanaa is one of my favorite restaurants on property and I make sure I go every time. I have done lunch and dinner and I have a slight preference for the dinner menu though I did enjoy lunch.

    As others have said the butter chicken is a solid choice and the bread service is certainly a must do, but then again I love sauces of all kinds so that is perfect for me! This last time for dinner I ordered the fish and it was easily one of the best meals I have had at WDW. It was served in a light coconut curry-like soup and it was remarkable. I still have cravings for that. I know their fish option changes but I really hope that next time its there again! The steak was also fantastic when I was there a few years ago for dinner.
  14. DVC Jen

    DVC Jen Wigs out even the biggest circus freaks.

    Jan 11, 2004
    thanks everyone
  15. Sajchinook2015

    Sajchinook2015 Earning My Ears

    Jan 3, 2015
    I was there with my family. 4 of us. We had dinner at5:00 and requested window which we got. We ordered the full bread service. The waiter when he delivered the bread and sauces explained each sauce and informed us of the hot/spicy ones. We all split dinners. Both chicken dinners . The butter chicken and the tandoori chicken. Both were excellent. I do not like spicy foods due to stomach issues and I had no problems here at this restaurant. I would go back.
  16. Simba's Mom

    Simba's Mom <font color=green>everything went to "H*** in a ha

    Aug 26, 1999
    I prefer lunch at Sanaa to dinner. At lunch they have the tandoori sandwich options for the chicken and shrimp, which I love. Last time I was there for dinner, they only offered them in bowls with rice.
  17. Lisa F

    Lisa F is a very wise woman

    Feb 22, 2000
    I have a review of it in my dining report. It was a delicious meal. I like indian food. The bread service is not overrated, it was delicious - hot and fresh and the condiments were stellar.
  18. mckennarose

    mckennarose Always planning the next trip.....

    May 22, 2015
    Add us to the list of those who LOVE Sanaa! Definitely spring for all the condiments of the bread service. I think its only $3 more.
    The butter chicken and spicy Durban shrimp were very good. It's really the whole experience that makes the restaurant a great choice.
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  19. xlsm

    xlsm Snow White

    Oct 19, 2013
    If you do lunch, I recommend the tandoori chicken was so good! The butter chicken was great, too. And the bread service is not overrated at all in my opinion! I have dreams about the red chili sambal...YUM!
  20. schrammalot

    schrammalot Mouseketeer

    Jun 28, 2013
    The bread service is amazing! Everything else was good, I was just disappointed by the create your combo plate. I maybe got half a chicken breast in total. Left hungry. :(
  21. Dizzytime

    Dizzytime DIS Veteran

    Apr 6, 2008
    If I may, a side question about Sanaa pertaining to animal viewing. I see currently posted (if it's correct) that lunch is served 11:30am to 3:00pm and dinner is 5:00-9:30pm. Assuming that's true, at this time of year is there much of a chance of seeing animals if we were to get a 5:00 window table? Or is it too close to dark? Or maybe seeing them for an hour or so? I know nothing is ever certain when it comes to the animals, but we're debating lunch vs dinner and much prefer the dinner menu.... but of course would love to have a chance of seeing the wonderful animals while we eat!.
    Any thoughts are much appreciated, and hope you all are having a magical day!:goodvibes

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