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Jun 28, 2016
So I was just sitting outside the loading area for the Mark Twain riverboat. The girls had taken a barge over to Tom Sawyers island to play. While I’m hanging out watching the water and the people a girl named Trina from guest relations comes up and starts talking to me. Apparently she is a tour guide and has been working at the park for 5 years. Her boyfriend works in guest relations as well. She hung out for about an hour just talking about the different parks and Galaxies Edge. She wanted to tell me about it but can’t yet. We discussed everything from Dungeons and Dragons Star Wars addition to the other Disney resorts. We just talked and talked until Alex and Sommer returned. Then she talked to Alex and Sommer for a few minutes. She asked what we were doing next and we told her we were going to ride Pirates. She said let’s go ride Pirates. She walked us over took us to an area that enters the front of the line and told the Cast Member to make a magical moment for us. We then got on to the ride the way VIPs enter. She didn’t ride with us but she was a great cast member. This is why we love Disneyland.


Jul 23, 2012
What a great moment and memory! Send in a CM Compliment for Trina -- she certainly deserves one! You can use the "contact us" link at the bottom of the DLR webpage. So glad you and your kids got to experience some magic in the park!


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Mar 7, 2001
...we were eating diner at BB, when I overheard our server talking to the next table about Illuminations Dinner Package. When she returned to our table, I asked her about it....after she explained about the dinner, we decided to go ahead with it. Since my DH has celiac, his dinner took an excessive length of time - it didn't seem that long to us; we were drinking wine, talking, and watching the PoTC boats go by [it wasn't like we had anywhere particular to go! :teeth:]. After about 4 visits to our table to assure us that our meals would finally arrive, they did. She went on to say how sorry she was for making us wait so long, so she had our meal comped! We basically saved more than $160! Talk about spreading a heaping amount of Pixie Dust...:tinker:
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    Jan 17, 2013
    Our magical moment actually happened outside Disneyland when catching the local Anaheim Transit bus system they use to have with the little red busses that went around the outside hotel area and picked up guests and took them to the front gate and not with a cast member. My wife and I along with about 10 other people had already gotten on the bus when we stopped at another stop to pick up more riders. Everyone noticed this older couple (had to be in their 80's)waiting to get on and the old man attempted to get on first with his wife (I assume) coming up behind him, and neither were walking very well at all. We noticed it took him forever to get up the stairs of the bus and found out why once he got up to our level, along with not being able to walk very well, he was blind and had a white cane in his hand. Once the gentleman got to the top stair the bus driver turned to the man and said "Sir, you do know this bus is going to Disneyland.....right?" The old man quickly replied "Your damn right I do and were going to have one hell of a time." and continued walking down the bus aisle. Everyone on the bus stood up and cheered, it was a moment where you saw no matter what a true Disney lovers condition is, they will always some way, some how, find a way to go one more time. The true spirit and love of Disney was in that mans heart and we all saw it instantly.


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    Jun 7, 2018
    We had two on our November 2012 trip that we still talk about. We had never even watched Nightmare Before Christmas, but the lineup to meet Jack and Sally was small and we figured what the heck. I don't know if this particular Jack still works there, we've visited Jack and Sally since and not have encountered him, but this one was the epitome of Jim Carrey, I think he was born to be Jack Skellington at Disneyland, he was EXCELLENT! My son had on his birthday button (with his name) and Sally was wishing him Happy Birthday (but said a different name of course, cause she is a little dimwitted) and Jack corrected her and just the way they both spoke, their mannerisms, the interactions with the kids, they were so fun to visit with that it it is one of our best character encounters ever.

    The second was when we were going on TOT. My son did not love that ride (only one in parks he didn't like) so he chose to wait with the doorman while my daughter and I rode. When the ride ended and the elevator doors opened, there was my 9 year old son wearing the bellman's hat and said, "Welcome Back." It was so fun and a kid his age sitting next to my daughter and I commented, "that was the best part of the ride." It was just one of those unplanned things that was magical and I love that the CM initiated that with my son.

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