Teen Review: CA a mixed bag

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    Sep 13, 1999
    Our local newspaper sets aside one page a week for teen writers. It is a well-done page. The May 3 page is about 80% on California Adventure by Kristin Schleicher. (80% is an unusually high percent for any one article on this page.) The text and a large photo take up about an equal share of the article.

    Here are snippets:
    <li>be an early bird: 2-hour waits become common by mid-afternoon
    <li>Do not expect the same wealth of attractions as at DL
    <li>CA warrants a trip.
    <li>Paragraph for the virtues and use of FastPass
    <li>Final Paragraph: CA is a mixed bag, needs additional attractions (like roller coasters -- keep in mind that this is a teen's review). But "the atmosphere -- a more mature Disneyland -- feels just right."
    <li>Hollywood Pictures Backlot
    <li>"pales in comparison to what can be found at that other southern California destination, Universal Studios"
    <li>Superstar Limo: "The ride is utterly cheesy, but people exit with a smile."
    <li>Golden State
    <li>"The magic of Disney parks lies in the details, and Soarin' Over California is no exception." = thumbs up
    <li>the other 'must-ride': Grizzly River Run
    <li>greatest diversity of food: "I have never eaten so well in an amusement park."
    <li>Paradise Pier
    <li>California Screamin' "will seem tame for many teenagers" - but the start is good
    <li>Orange Stinger & Sun Wheel: "new twists on old favorites"
    <li>Maliboomer: reverse version of Great America's Drop Zone
  2. Something positive about my park finally :D

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