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Jul 6, 2000
Welcome to the Biggest Loser “No Excuses” 2012 Team Challenge---Team Donald!

If you would like to join the Biggest Loser "No Excuses" 2012 Team Challenge please start here to be assigned to a team:

Teams will only be assigned by posting to the Main Biggest Loser "No Excuses" 2012 Challenge thread or by sending me a PM buzz5985. Teams are assigned on an alternating basis. Please indicate whether you are a Loser or a Maintainer.

Each Team will have their own clippie to add to your signature. Here is the Team Donald clippie:

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Welcome to Team Donald!!!!!


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Jul 6, 2000
If you would like to be a coach for Team Donald—Please send me, buzz5985 (Janis) a PM.

Coaching schedule

1/1/2012 — 1/5/2012 — Buzz5985
1/6/2012 — 1/12/2012 — jenanderson
1/13/2012 — 1/19/2012 — Rose&Mike
1/20/2012 — 1/26/2012 — donac
1/27/2012 — 2/2/2012 — mikamah
2/3/2012 — 2/9/2012 — mommyof2Pirates
2/10/2012 — 2/16/2012 — pjlla
2/17/2012 — 2/23/2012 — jillbur
2/24/2012 — 3/1/2012 — RemembertheMagic
3/2/2012 — 3/8/2012 — AmyKathleen2005
3/9/2012 — 3/15/2012 — cjdj4
3/16/2012 — 3/22/2012 — D73

PLEASE NOTE: We will be merging the team threads around March 23, 2012.

3/23/2012 — 3/29/2012 — CClovedis
3/30/2012 — 4/5/2012 — Mary•Poppins
4/6/2012 — 4/12/2012 —
4/13/2012 — 4/19/2012 — lisah0711
4/20/2012 — 4/26/2012 —
4/27/2012 — 5/3/2012 —
5/4/2012 — 5/10/2012 —
5/11/2012 — 5/17/2012 —
5/18/2012 — 5/24/2012 —

Many thanks to everyone who has volunteered to coach during this challenge. Coaches act as hostess for our thread, post the Question of the Day (QOTD), reply to posts, and help keep our conversation moving. We couldn't have a challenge without you!

Coaching rotations start on Fridays. I will send you a reminder PM on the Wednesday before.

We would like to fill the first three months of the challenge and hold off on April and May for now. We will re-evaluate in the beginning of March as to whether we should merge.


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Jul 6, 2000

Team Donald hostess - buzz5985


Tink rules


  • buzz5985

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    Jul 6, 2000
    HH Informational Post

    Week 1 - Fantasyland

    Week 2 - Spaceship Earth

    Week 3 - Kilimanjaro Safaris

    Week 4 - Voyage of the Little Mermaid

    Week 5 - Finding Nemo

    Week 6 - Adventurland - Pamper Week

    Week 7 - Beauty and the Beast

    Week 8 - Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover

    Week 9 - Pamper Week

    Week 10 - Crystal Palace

    Week 12 - Deluxe


    Week 1 - Fantasyland

    Week 2 - Spaceship Earth

    Week 3 - Kilimanjaro Safari's

    Week 4 - Voyage of the Little Mermaid

    Week 5 - Finding Nemo

    Week 6 - Pamper Week - Adventureland

    Week 7 - Beauty and the Beast & Week 8 - Tomorrowland Transit Authority


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    Jul 6, 2000
    QOTD Archive:

    1/1/12 - What action plan do you have in place to help you to achieve your goals for this challenge??

    1/2/12 - Thinking back on your Action Plan for the Challenge - which will be your most difficult to accomplish??

    1/3/12 - How do you see yourself at the end of your journey?

    1/4/12 - How are you going to deal with your road blocks??

    1/5/12 - What is your anchor??

    1/6/12 - What plans do you have in place to be sure you have a successful weekend?

    1/7/12 - Do you have a playlist of music that you use to help motivate you? If you do, share some of your favorite songs to work out to

    1/8/12 - Now that it is Sunday, what are you doing to plan for the week? Do you have everything you need to make good meals for the week? Will you be cooking things today to make it easier during the week?

    1/9/12 - Share a quote that motivates, inspires or helps you through on your journey to a healthy life.

    1/10/12 - Share what you eat for breakfast. Feel free to share your on the go ideas, quick breakfasts or what you have when you have time to make something better.

    1/11/12 - What is something you can do in 60 seconds today to prolong your life?

    1/12/12 - What can you celebrate this week besides a number on the scale?

    1/13/12 - Congratulations you have made it two weeks!! What has been the most challenging part of these two weeks? Think about previous attempts at getting healthy. What has been the thing that made you quit or fall of the wagon?

    1/14/12 - UGGGH! Momma said there'd be days like this.....You had to work late, got stuck in traffic and the kids have to be at practice in 20 minutes. What's for dinner???? Do you have an emergency dinner planned for days like this? And there will be days like this. Do you have a healthy place to get take out from? Do you have something in the freezer? Do you have something quick and easy you can throw together on days you just don't want to cook?

    1/15/12 - Give your self a complement. Ideally, I'd love to see three complements. But one catch. The complements cannot contain the following words: Mom, wife, friend, listener, daughter (you get the picture).

    1/16/12 - Do you have any exercise planned for this week?

    1/17/12 - Do you have a positive affirmation for when you are having a bad day, struggling or just need a mental pick me up? If you feel comfortable, share it with the team.

    1/18/12 - Is there a food you need to avoid? One that you just can't have around or you go a little crazy? Do you have treats worked into your healthy living plan or are you avoiding somethings completely right now?

    1/19/12 - I am giving you a choice today. Pick one or you can do both! A new team member has just joined the challenge. Other than drink your water what piece of advice would you give them? or Tell me something good that happened this week!

    1/20/12 - What is your Favorite Disney movie?

    1/21/12 - If you had a day just for yourself and you couldn't be at DW, what would you do?

    1/22/12 - I usually go grocery shopping on Sunday morning. What day do you grocery shop? Is it the same day every week? Do you plan out your meals ahead of time? Do you shop with a list?

    1/23/12 - What is the one thing you do during the week that you really don't like to do?What is the one thing you do during the week that you really love to do? It does not have to do with doing the BL

    1/24/12 - Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It’s Off to Lose Weight We Go! Happy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, Bashful, Sleepy, and Sneezy – which Dwarf are you feeling like today and why? (thank you Maria (Worfiedoodles from Team Mickey)).

    1/25/12 - I know that we are thinking about our healthy but many of us diet before a big event. Are you dieting for a big event? If so what is it?

    1/26/12 -What are your favorite things to do when you are trying to relax? If you are crafty do you give some of those things away as gifts?

    1/27/12 - Do you have a favorite snack or treat that may be high in calories, but that you can not give up? How do you fit it into your lifestyle? What are some of your favorite snacks that are healthier and satisfying?

    1/28/12 - It's the weekend! Wish we all could head to our favorite disney park for the weekend! If you were at a disney park right now, what would you be doing?

    1/29/12 -Today is the inaugural Disneyland Tinkerbell Half-Marathon, so our question is honor of Tinkerbell and all our Wishers running today, including our Biggest Loser members- Lisah0711 and Liesel, also known as the Lisabelles. Looking back on your healthy journey, share something you have done or are doing that makes you most proud?

    1/30/12 - Since we're all disney fans, when did your love for all things disney begin? Did you get the disney magic from the first time you entered a disney park, or was it a love that gradually built up?

    1/31/12 - We are all on the same journey to good health and weight loss. When did the journey start for you? Was weight something you always struggled with or has it crept up on you over the years?

    2/1/12 - A new month, and we've been doing this challenge for a month! How are you doing? What is going good for you? What are you struggling with, if anything? If you are struggling, what can you do to help get yourself back on track?

    2/2/12 - Superbowl weekend coming up!!! GO Pats!! Go Giants!! Any big plans? Food is a big part of game day. If you are watching the game do you have any special foods you'll be making and have you chosen to make any healthier things than you would have in the past? Feel free to share some recipes!

    2/3/12 - So have you ever been to any concerts and if so what was your favorite one you attended?Bonus QOTD= How do you plan to fullfill this mini challenge? Will you listen to music while relaxing or are you going to get up and dance around???

    2/4/12 - When was the last time you had a really good laugh and what was so funny?

    2/5/12 - What was one of your favorite things to do as a kid and can you still get away wth doing it today?

    2/6/12 - I think we already had a question about what we do to why dont you tell us what you do to alleviate stress.

    2/7/12 - What is your favorite type of scenery that you enjoy?

    2/8/12 - What is your favorite treat to indulge into at WDW or DL and does it fit into your plan???????

    2/9/12 - What are some ways you can lessen the sodium in your diet today?

    2/10/12 - I'm writing a book called "Weight loss for Dummies". I'd like contributions from folks like you who are taking part in this "journey", whether you are just starting out, mid-way to your goal, or cruising in maintenance. Your contribution can be anywhere from one sentence to one paragraph. BONUS QOTD:
    If the Fairy Godmother could create one dessert for you that would be calorie-free FOREVER, what would it be?? Ice cream?? Cheesecake? Chocolate chip cookies??

    2/11/12 - Other than eating right and exercise, what is one other positive change you have made regarding this "healthy lifestyle" journey? Are you sleeping at least 7-8 hours nightly? Maybe you are eating breakfast daily? Drinking more water everyday? Meditating? Cutting out processed white carbs?

    2/12/12 - After decades of being told that "fat makes us fat", I think that most of us now know that we need some HEALTHY fats in our diet to keep our bodies running properly! Our brains need fat, our muscles need fat, our digestive system needs fat. It is important that it be the RIGHT KIND of fats and the proper amounts. How do you get the RIGHT fats in your diet?? Fatty fish? Nuts? Avocado? Olives/olive oil?? How many servings per day/week?

    2/13/12 - What kind of effort do you make on a daily basis to live a GREEN life? Refillable water bottles? Hybrid car? Turn down the thermostat? Does any of this GREEN living translate over into your weight loss journey??

    2/14/12 - Using your name as a base, build a poem of positives traits and attributes about yourself.

    2/15/12 - Using photos and/or descriptions, tell us about one of your favorite HEALTHY, WEIGHT-LOSS-JOURNEY WORTHY foods! Remember, we want to be DROOLING by the end of your description and BEGGING for the recipe! Bonus QOTD: What little bit of silly DISNEY do you have in your life every day? A piece of jewelry? A sticker on your journal? Do tell!

    2/16/12 - Do you have "tips" that you would like to share with other busy, active, possibly-overwhelmed folks who are on this healthy journey? Please list anywhere from 1 to 10 of your best tips! The tips can involved quick meal ideas, ways to add extra exercise, or (my favorite) organizational and/or planning tips! BONUS QOTD: Pessimist or Optimist? Black or Navy? Chocolate or Chips? Math or Spelling? Outgoing or Shy? Summer or Winter? Night owl or Morning dove? City or Country?

    2/17/12 - Lightning McQueen likes speed. How about you? Have you ever done any extreme sports, or something that was extreme for you? Or, are any on your "bucket list?" If you have, which sport(s) did you try and did you like it? If you have one on your "bucket list," which one and why?

    2/18/12 - Today's movie is Peter Pan. You can fly, you can fly, you can fly! If you could fly off anywhere today, where would you go (other than Disney) and why?

    2/19/12 - Today's movie is The Lion King. The Lion King is all about the importance of family and friends. Who in your family or group of friends is your biggest supporter in your weight loss journey? How have they supported you?

    2/20/12 - Today's movie is Beauty and the Beast. We all know Belle loved to read. What is the last health related book/article you read and can you share anything you learned?

    2/21/12 - Today's movie is Up. Carl was determined to make it to Paradise Falls and had a plan to get there. What is your weight loss plan? Do you do Weight Wacthers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, the Dukan diet, or count calories? Explain your plan (so others can learn what your plan is about) and why it works for you

    2/22/12 - Today's movie is Aladdin. Genie grants you three wishes! But, there are rules: 1. You can not change the past. 2. One wish has to be used on yourself. 3. One wish has to be used on your friends and/or family. 4. One wish can be used for anything. What do you wish for?

    2/23/12 - Today's movie is Toy Story. You've got a friend in me! How do you prefer to exercise? Do you work out with a friend or group, or do you prefer to exercise alone? Why?

    2/24/12 - On this day in 1993 Beauty and the Beast won 5 Grammy awards for the title song. What is your theme know the one that you can't help singing when it comes on? If you don't have one, think about what one best fits your personality and gets you moving! Bonus QOTD: Did you have breakfast? What did you have and did it fill you up?

    2/25/12 - On this day in 2010 ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex was relaunched as ESPN:The Weekend kicked off. What sport have you always wanted to try...regardless of age, weight, physical limitations?Bonus PSA: When was the last time you had a physical? Just a little reminder that the journey to weight loss can be enhanced by using your doctor as an ally and not an enemy! Find a doctor you connect with and get yourself checked!

    2/26/12 - Sunday QOTD: OSCAR DAY!! In 1941 "When You Wish Upon a Star" won an Oscar for Best Song of the Year at the 13th Academy Awards. Jiminy Cricket was the voice of sage advice for Pinocchio. Who is the person you turn to when you need advice and support? Bonus: What's the best advice you have ever been given?

    2/27/12 - Monday QOTD: On this day in 2009 Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson visited Disney's Hollywood Studios. With the summer Olympics approaching, do you watch and if you do, what is your favorite sport to watch? Bonus: Do you get your water in everyday? For those who struggle, do you have any great ideas to help.

    2/28/12 - On this day in 2004 Earl of Sandwich opened in DTD. Are you a sandwich eater? What do you usually put on your sandwich...bread, meats, toppings, condiments? Bonus: Is there something that you bought at Disney that you treasure? What is it?

    2/29/12 - On this day in 2008 giraffe Makena was born in Animal Kingdom. Her name means 'happy one". what is your happiest Disney memory/moment? Bonus: Do you have a pet? What kind and what is his/her name?

    3/1/12 - On this day in 1994 Aladdin's "A Whole New World" won 5 Grammy Awards! We are 2 months into our challenge - how has your world changed? Are you were you thought you would be?

    3/2/12 - Theme: Princesses. Disney princesses are known for their beauty. What makes you feel beautiful?

    3/3/12 - Theme: Buried Treasure. Do you have tangible reward planned for meeting your weight loss goals? Example: manicure after 10lbs lost, new purse at 20lbs, etc.

    3/4/12 - Theme: The Challenge. What challenge in your life are you most proud of conquering? Either weight/fitness related or otherwise

    3/5/12 - Theme: The Ugly Stepsister. We've talked about what you are most proud of doing. So what task have you been putting off doing, hoping it will go away?

    3/6/12 - Theme:The Dream. Finish this sentence. When I reach my weight goal.....

    3/7/12 - Theme: Hump Day. What do you have to look forward to this weekend to get you over the hump?

    3/8/12 - Theme: Inspiration. Do you have a celebrity inspiration for your weight loss (and other goals)? Who and why?

    3/9/12 - If time and money were not an issue - would you ever go to one of the Biggest Loser Ranches??

    3/10/12 - We all have our dream vacations. If money was not object what is the one thing that you would want to do?

    3/11/12 - What is one thing you have not done in disney that you look forward to doing one day.

    3/12/12 - Identify one or two high risk scenarios..... occasions, activities, or places in which you are in danger of eating more than you should or eating the wrong foods. Now create an "escape plan." What will you do to help yourself in this/these situation(s)?? (Thanks to Flat Belly Diet book for the inspiration for today's question.) BONUS QOTD: I just found out that Snow White's Scary Adventure (at the MK) is closing. Will this make you sad? Happy? Don't care? Never heard of this ride before

    3/13/12 - Happy Tuesday morning friends! Here is today's QOTD: (feel free to answer any or all) Organized or disorganized? Red or pink? Summer or winter? Musicals or plays? Talker or listener?
    Anal planner or "fly by the seat of your pants"? Twizzlers or Red Vines? Cream cheese or peanut butter? Beach or mountains? Traveler or home-body? Running/walking or Spinning? Team player or independent worker? Survivor or Big Brother? Real books/ magazines or electronic (Kindle type)? Oatmeal or eggs? Cheesecake or chocolate cake? Braces or no braces? BONUS QOTD: The new Storybook Faire portion of the MK/Fantasyland expansion had a soft opening yesterday. Are you looking forward to all of the new things? Or would you prefer that WDW leave well enough alone and you'll miss the old Toontown?

    3/14/12 - Share a list of five reasons why you have decided to lose weight. "I'm sick of being fat" doesn't count. BONUS QOTD: If you have time for only one ride at the Magic Kindgom, what would you ride and why??

    3/15/12 - You've been given a time machine!! It is a one-time-use machine and it is stuck in REVERSE, so you can only go BACK in time (You get one trip there and then back to real life). What time period would you go to and why? Who would you like to meet or what event in history would you like to witness? You CANNOT change history in any way (like you can't prevent the sinking of the Titanic or prevent Pearl Harbor), but you can interact with people in history. BONUS QOTD: Name your favorite UNDER-RATED Disney character...... someone who doesn't get the attention they deserve!

    3/16/12 - Thumper from Bambi - "Eating greens is a special treat, It makes long ears and great big feet. But it sure is awful stuff to eat." I made that last part up myself. How have you increased your "greens" since starting the challenge? (for us lets consider "greens" to be Vegetables and fruit in general) Have you got the same opinion as Thumper regarding greens being awful? Do you tolerate them, embrace them, continue to avoid them? Do you notice a difference in your success in a week if you conciously incorporate more "greens"?

    3/17/12 - Chef Louis from The Little Mermaid. Chef Louis has an obsession with fish which perhaps is better to obsessed with than chocolate or potato chips/crisps. Have you found that as you diet you have become obsessed with a food or recipe that you yourself eating all the time because you know how the calorie counts or WW points without thinking about it too much? Do you find yourself preparing your food in the same manner without much variety? Has this led to boredom and ultimately sending you seeking something "bad" to fill a need for a different taste? How do you avoid an obsession and having your food become monotonous? BONUS: In the honor of St Patrick's Day, what do you do to celebrate? Is it a big part of your community or just another day on the calendar?

    3/18/12 - March 18 Georges Hautecourt from The Aristocats. Even Georges in his old age makes the effort to take the extra steps getting from place to place. He must realize that even the smallest addition of exercise is helpful. What have you done if anything to change your habits to get those extra steps into your daily routine? If nothing, what can you identify that would be a simple addition that would increase your daily exercise?

    3/19/12 - Gurgi from The Black Cauldron. Gurgi was always on the search for Munchies and Crunchies. When you get those urges to eat something right away, what have you got on hand that fits into your plan that you can grab? Do you plan for these sudden urges? Do you spread your meals out in small increments throughout the day to avoid these situations?

    3/20/12 - Edna "E" Mode from the Incredibles. Edna: This is a hobo suit, darling. You can't be seen in this. I won't allow it. Fifteen years ago, maybe, but now? Feh! Bob: Wait, what do you mean? *You* designed it.
    Edna: I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now. How are you living in the now? Do you look back at all? for inspiration? determination?
    What challenges in your life distract you from the now?

    3/21/12 - Mary and John from WALL-E. Mary and John were going along in their "normal" sedentary lives until WALL-E literally bumped them "off track". This bump opened their eyes to the truth around them. What was your bump? your wake up call? your WALL-E? Has that bump been strong enough to keep you on track or would it e helpful to have that bump revisit you now and again?

    3/22/12 - A Fly from A Bug's Life. Fly: I only got twenty-four hours to live, and I ain't gonna waste it here. So what will you do with your next 24 hours before weigh-in to make sure it is not wasted
  • cclovesdis

    <font color=red>Warning: Boring!<br><font color=pu
    Mar 21, 2009
    Morning Team Donald!

    My name is Christina, but everyone calls me CC, like see-see. I will be co-hosting for Team Mickey and coaching Healthy Habits (HH).

    I posted some hints on the main thread, and wanted to include them here:

    Healthy Habits Spring 2012 Hint #1: Buy/Find, etc. yourself a notebook in a size that you find functional and ideally, that fits wherever you will have it at all times.

    I bought myself a notebook today that fits in my VB mini hipster. My purse is always at my side so that was a perfect choice for me.

    WISH BL Spring 2012 Healthy Habits Hint #2: Find/Buy/Borrow, etc. measuring cups and spoons.

    If you have a scale, a large bowl that has its measurements on it, or anything else that you know its measurements, dig those out too.

    Here is some "food for thought." :rotfl2:
    - We have a Corelle set from the '70s. It came with coffee cups. I did an experiment and it holds exactly 1 cup at the rim. It is perfect for my morning cup of milk.
    - We have large plastic "glasses" that hold just over 16 fl. oz. They are perfect for meals. I use them as an easy way to drink 16 oz during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
    - Look around your kitchen. Things have measurements on them more than I ever realized. Do you have any Ziploc type storage containers? All of mine have their respective measurements on the bottom of the container.

    Good luck! Happy searching! :goodvibes

    ETA: I stated that the Corelle set is from the '70s because designs change. I am not trying to imply anything.


    Aug 23, 2011
    Hi Team Donald!! I am so excited to be part of this challenge! Very much looking forward to encouraging and being encouraged in the coming months.

    And many thanks to CC for running the thread! I have my little notebook & my measuring cups ready to go!!:thumbsup2


    Writer, dreamer, and Honorary Lost Girl
    Sep 14, 2008
    Hey there fellow Donald teammates!! Guess I'll be the first to introduce myself.

    My name's Ashley, but you can call me Ash too. I'm in my early 20's and I love to write fanfiction, do voice acting and sing covers of Disney songs as my hobbies. I'm also a DIE-HARD Doctor Who fan! (if you couldn't tell by my icon.) ;)

    I think that one of my biggest problems when I try to lose weight is that I don't set a motivation for myself to keep with it. So I actually have two special goals in mind for myself in doing this challenge; one that I hope to accomplish by the end of this challenge and a more long term goal.

    (1) My grandmother was killed in a car accident about 4 months ago and I was given one of her rings to keep for myself. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite fit on my ring finger due to my weight gain and it can't be re-sized. So I hope to lose enough to wear it on my ring finger by the end of this challenge in memory of her.

    (2) I like to cosplay and dress up as different characters for a convention in my hometown. I have a Cinderella dress that my mother made for me 2 years ago that no longer fits. So I'm hoping that by time the convention comes this September that I'll be able to fit into my dress again and go as Cinderella. Glass slippers and all. :cloud9:

    (I'll totally post pictures if I can reach my goal!) ;)

    I'm usually online every day so I look forward to getting to know all of you!

    GO Team Donald!! :banana:
  • my3princes

    <font color=red>Looking for a milestone to claim<b
    Mar 23, 2004
    Hello Team Donald.

    I'm Deb and I can't remember what number challenge this is for me. In any event I'd like to lose 20 lbs. I had it gone a few years ago, but it has snuck up on me again and since we have a Huge vacation planned for this summer I am more determined than ever to lose it again.

    I'm 42, married to my high school sweetheart (20 years in July) and mother to 3 amazing boys. Nick is 16, Hunter is 14 and Colby is 9.

    If coaches are needed I'd be happy to take a week, let me know what's open.


    Let's Go Mets!
    Sep 16, 2003
    Hi Team Donald -

    I am Laura, 42 from New York. :wave2:

    This will be my third challenge. I lost 21 pounds during January, February and March of 2011 and then hit a wall. I've been gaining and losing the same 5 pounds for the last nine months. :scared1:

    My goal for this challenge is to finally get under 200 pounds - I'm 10 - 15 pounds away from that goal.

    I purchased an elipitical machine last month and hope to incorporate that into my fitness routine - right now I am walking 3 - 3 1/2 miles a day (6 days a week). Every now and then I do my BL Boot Camp DVD, but haven't been consistent with that.

    As always, looking forward to the support/ideas that I get from these challenges. :thumbsup2

    - Laura


    Writer, dreamer, and Honorary Lost Girl
    Sep 14, 2008
    Hi Team Donald -

    I am Laura, 42 from New York. :wave2:

    As always, looking forward to the support/ideas that I get from these challenges. :thumbsup2

    - Laura
    I remember you from the thread about my cat Jenny! Awesome to know we're on the same team together!


    DIS Veteran
    Feb 7, 2003
    Hello to all my Team Donald Teammates! :wave2:

    My name is Jen. I did my first WISH challenge exactly 2 years ago. I started at 198 pounds, totally out of shape, needing insulin and just living a generally unhappy and unhealthy sort of existence. I got started with the challenge because of a dear friend who asked me to run the Princess 1/2 marathon with her. I started the challenge, started WW and started working out. The C25K program was what got me going and I learned to have a love/hate relationship with running. After 1 year and tons of hard work, I had lost 48 pounds and felt I was finally living a healthy life. When I hit that point, I kind of lost focus and got lazy. Since I was still running an insane amount of miles each week, the bad eating did not catch up to me right away. It took 6 months of random exercising and bad eating but suddenly I had gained back 20 pounds. I tried to pretend it did not bother me and I tried to pretend that if I just kept on that way (eating what I wanted) it was okay with me...that I was done working hard.

    Here is the reality....I am not done. I am not quitting. I know that I can lose those 20 pounds again and that I might even lose a few more. I know that I want to feel strong and healthy again - I liked that feeling and I really do not like feeling like I have lost control. I am ready to figure out how to make my crazy busy life mesh with my strong and healthy life.

    The basic details: I am married to DH (my running partner) and we have 2 kids (DD-15, DS-11). I teach a class called iPad U at a middle school (every student at my school has an iPad issued to them for 24/7 use). Both kids are crazy with a million activities. As you will be able to tell from this post and all my others....I tend to "chat" on and on. I would love to one day write a book and put my ramblings to good use! :rotfl:

    I am really looking forward to getting to know everyone on the team and watch us all have a successful challenge!


    Let's Go Mets!
    Sep 16, 2003
    I remember you from the thread about my cat Jenny! Awesome to know we're on the same team together!
    Kitty Mommies for the win!!!

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother :hug: - getting her special ring to fit is a great goal and I'll be here rooting you on. :cheer2:

    - Laura


    Wife, mother, math teacher, quilter
    Aug 22, 2002
    Good Friday morning. I didn't know the thread was up or I would have been here last night.

    My name is Dona. I can't remember how many challenges I have been involved in. Some have been successful but even if I didn't lose any it helped me not to gain.

    I am a 56 year old women (will turn 57 right after the challenge.) I am math teacher ( I teach Advance Placement Calculus) for 34 years. I have been married to my college sweetheart for 33 years. We have two sons.

    I really am motivated this challenge. May 11 Ds2 graduates from college:banana::banana::banana:, June 1 my nephew gets married and Aug 19th we all check in with my sister's family into BLT :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: for maybe 5 days. I want to look good for this vacation.

    I am usually on first thing in the morning before I leave for school at 6:10.

    Have a happy and healthy day.


    DIS Veteran
    May 11, 2006
    Good morning everyone!! I'm Kathy and excited to be a part of Team Donald. Thank you Janis for being our hostess and the hostess of the challenge, and thank you CC for hosting Healthy Habits and Team Mickey.

    I have done multiple bl challenges since after my ds's 1st disney trip 5 years ago. I've lost on some, maintained on many, and gained on some. My all time high was 229, and right now I'm at 213, but have gone up and down with the ups and downs of life. I credit these challenges with preventing me from regaining everything and more, which I had done in the past. The support here is incredible, not just for weight loss and healthy living, but for anything that might be going on in your life that can affect your healthy living. I feel so blessed to have found this wonderful group, and am looking forward to catching up with some old friends and getting to know some new ones.

    Good luck everyone!!


    Writer, dreamer, and Honorary Lost Girl
    Sep 14, 2008
    Hey everybody! Just popping in this morning to say hi!

    Been doing really good on my diet for this week and was pleased to see this morning that I've lost 2 pounds! I used to not be excited for a 2 lbs loss, but I've been trying to stay positive and keep in mind that every pound lost is one step closer to my goal. :goodvibes

    The weather's really nice today, so I'm planning to go walking in the strip mall for a while later. Nothing like combining exercise with shopping! And maybe a Subway sandwich... :thumbsup2


    <font color=red>Warning: Boring!<br><font color=pu
    Mar 21, 2009
    Healthy Habits Information

    Hello Everyone,

    I understand that there is some confusion as to why I hinted as to the need for a notebook. I often ask you to write things down other than what you ate. Also, many people find that it is best to have everything together. One of my intentions for this challenge is to record some information about each day in my notebook. I will use myfitnesspal to journal my food, but my notebook will have other valuable information in it. Some of these include:
    - # glasses of water I drank
    - exercise for the day
    - info on emotional health
    - if I ate out that day

    Hope that helps!


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