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Nov 26, 2007
Planning another trip to TDR (last one was a decade ago) but I don't see any restaurant operating hours for any of the restaurants (table or counter) on the TDR website. Am I blind (entirely possible) or is it in a place other than the "restaurants" tab?

Related: do any of the places in the parks serve breakfast?

Agent 86

DIS Veteran
Jul 31, 2013
Hmmmmm. I'm not sure they publish them as they're dependent upon crowd levels (e.g. if it's terrible weather and not many people attend, then they'll close some restaurants). Here is a good general guide:

As for breakfast, I think the Crystal Palace (?) does a character breakfast. And Carnation Café sells Mickey waffles. Otherwise, I'm not sure as we normally just have a snack first thing in the morning and then have an early lunch to avoid the crowds in the sit-down restaurants.

gelatoni fan

Mar 18, 2018
About half of the restaurants are open from park opening till an hour before park closing and another half close 2-3 hours before closing. Many of the stalls/stands do close earlier though with some closing as early as 5PM.

If you know how to install Japanese apps on your phone, the Tokyo Disney Resort app has the hours for the current day. It's laid out similarly to other Disneyland and Disney Resort apps so it shouldn't be too hard to navigate even if you can't read Japanese.


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