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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by Soarin4us, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Soarin4us

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    Feb 5, 2012
    Is it faster to take a taxi or ME from Poly to MCO for a Saturday 1pm flight? We're trying to maximize our last morning.
  2. seashoreCM

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    Aug 25, 2001
    You'll save about 30 minutes taking a taxi from your resort compared with Magical Express back to the airport.

    Now you can gain a lot of park time, around an hour and a half, maybe two hours, if you are able to check baggage at your resort and you take a taxi directly from Epcot, Downtown Disney, Disney Studios or Animal Kingdom to the airport with only small carryons.

    Not so much of a gain at Magic Kingdom because you have to take the monorail or ferry across the pond to get the taxi.
  3. tjmw2727

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    Feb 21, 2001
    Definately faster to take a taxi but may or may not be worth the cost to you ! Our last taxi trip from the Dolphin was $62 when the towncar company had a snaffu and reimbursed us :)

    So if you can check your bags with RAC and hit a park you still need to plan to be at the airport 2 hours prior to your flight and allow 40ish minutes for the taxi trip. This means leaving the park - 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 of an hour prior to your trip (if a cab is waiting) vs 3 hours prior from your resort. Even with the personal service of a towncar, for us the extra 30/40 minutes isn't really worth it, YMMV :)
  4. goofy4tink

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    May 2, 2002
    It depends. As already noted, you can check your bags and get boarding passes at your resort if you are flying out on a participating airline. BUT...if you have carryon bags, you will need to stow them someplace. So, that means either at the resort or at the park. If at the park, it will cost you, and you may need more than one locker if there are multiple bags. But, that would enable you to get a cab directly from the park. So, you could head out of the park by 10:30ish.
    If you don't do that, and you leave your carryon bags at the resort, you will have to be back at the resort by 9:30am. DME will give you a pickup time of around 10am for a 1pm flight. You need to be back at the resort with plenty of time to get your carryons out of storage and then be at the DME bus stop 15 mins prior to the pickup time.

    With a 1pm flight, I'm just not all the sure you have a lot of time to spend in a park..unless you are able to walk to and from the park. Otherwise, you need to figure on at least 45 mins to get back to your resort from the park, using Disney transportation..including any waits.

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