taxi fare to WDW from Convention Center area

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by TaraPA, Mar 31, 2008.

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    Sep 6, 2000
    Has anyone stayed offiste near the Convention Center that has taken a taxi to/from the parks? Any estimate on the fare? I'll be at Springhill Suites near the Convention Center (not the one in the Marriott Village) with DH for a conference in May. From what I understand they have 2 shuttles to WDW in the am & 2 back to the hotel in the early evening. So when those shuttle times don't work for me I'll have to grab a taxi. I do not want the hassle of renting a car. Someone told me they paid about $12 for a cab to WDW from that area - but when I use the Mears Checker Cab calculator it comes up $28.50. Ouch. Anyone have firsthand experience with the fare from that area - or with the shuttles from Springhill Suites?

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