Taking a infant to Disney... Need Advice

Matthew Caito

Earning My Ears
Jan 12, 2017
My wife and I are expecting a baby in July of 2019. My wife is a teacher so we are looking to take advantage of being able to travel during a cheaper period of time all around in the fall. We want to take a trip in either October or November to Disney after we visit my sisters in Winter Garden. What advice does anyone have for doing this? Obviously keep they out of the direct heat for a long period of time, Its the fall so it will still be hot but not as if it was July. Does Disney still honor baby swap? The baby will be about 3-4 months old at that point. Any help of advice from past experience would be great. Thanks!


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Oct 25, 2000
We've taken my grandson twice so far--once when he was two months old and once when he was 9 months old. It was definitely easier at 2 months and way easier than the two year old! Take advantage of the baby centers. My daughter used them to breast feed and they were a nice, quiet place for everyone to regroup. Aside from that, we did go back to the hotel for nap breaks but again, that was mostly for the two year old. The baby just napped whenever he felt like it. We had both parents and two grandparents so we kind of switched off as to who hung out with the little guy.

Disney does still honor the rider switch--at least as of November. Both riders and the baby will need to go to the CM. They scan the second person's magic band. It was easier in May when they gave you a paper form to use as you'd like throughout the day--now they give you a specific time and the baby may have other plans. If the baby's doing well, always let Mom go first if she's breastfeeding--otherwise, she might miss out on her return window.

We also took one of those cooling towels and a clip on fan because it does get hot in the stroller--even in the autumn.

Have a great time!


Cruising with the Crazies
Apr 22, 2010
We have taken our children at all ages, for us the key is to get to the park at opening stay till noon and then back to the room for a rest. No matter the age the afternoon siesta does amazing things for your sanity. The advantage with infants is you can head out to the parks in late afternoon and stay late as they will sleep in the pram, the older ours get the earlier we head back to the parks after a short siesta and we usually don't stay late in the parks.


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Jan 15, 2007
I've taken a three-month old for a very short trip (DH had a conference) and a six-month old for a week-long trip.

We were able to snag a fabulous deal at the Contemporary (garden view) for the week-long trip, which was a HUGE plus. Although, I will say that if you stay there, ask for a ground floor (so if baby is napping, you can sit on the patio).

But with both, I found having a baby carrier was very convenient. We also had the stroller, but the baby carrier was nice for lines and for getting from one place to the next easily. Most rides will not allow you to leave the baby in the carrier while on the ride.

The baby care centers are a great place to go. However, not all of them are conveniently located depending on where you are in the parks. MK is pretty centralized. But the other three parks are not as convenient. That said, I had no issues finding quiet spots for feeding and/or napping. There are little quite walkways or sections of counter service restaurants all over.

I agree with the cooling towel and clip-on fan. Also, check your stroller for leaks in the event of a rain shower. You'd be surprised how water can get through little nooks and crannies!


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