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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by gregf71, Apr 8, 2013.

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    Hi -

    So, here is our idea for early December 2015 (yes, I know, but what can I say)...5 nights in a Fort Wilderness Cabin followed by 5 nights at the Polynesian. Ideally, having the first and last days being travel days, we are looking at 7 days in the parks with 2 days in between set aside for rest, relaxation, and doing other things around the resort. Questions...

    • How easy is it to move between two resorts? Is it simply a matter of checking your bags with the bell desk and asking them to ship them over to the new resort? Can we do just that, go hit the parks, and then report to the new resort later that day to officially check in there for the second part of our stay?
    • When you want to move between resorts, do you make a single reservation for the entire stay at WDW or is it two separate reservations? If two separate reservations, how does that impact the ticket package that you want to purchase? Can we purchase a ticket option for our entire stay or must we break it down to match our resort stays? And if we purchase the water parks and more option, could we visit a water park or Disney Quest on a non-parks day and not have it count against the total theme park days on the tickets?
    • Regarding the Cabins, we will not have a car, so are the Cabins even a viable option to stay at? How easy is it to get around the resort either via the buses or on foot (given that we will have a 9 year old at that time)? Are simple groceries (i.e. milk, juice, cereal, etc.) obtainable or deliverable?

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    I put my answers in blue under your questions. Have fun planning! I can't imagine going from the space and peacefulness of the cabins to a room at the Poly! We did a split stay once and started at a theme park view room at the Contemporary for 3 days, then moved to Old Key West for a week. It was hard to split it up like that, we don't think we want to do it again. But the theme park view room was awesome!

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