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    I'm looking for a printable swiffer coupon. I'm wanting to try it. I have a steamer but sometimes its a pain to set up. I now have a lot of tile to cover. I want to try the sweeper swiffer to get the dust , dirt and hair i shed .

    I have a few questions....
    do you like the swiffer sweep thingy?

    anyone have the swiffer mop and do you like it?

    anyone have the swiffer sweep vaccum and do you like it?

    trying to figure out what would be best and budget.Before anyone says just use a broom the tile i have hides a lot of the dirt and hard to see so I want to try somethign different.

    Wheres the best price to get these items.. costco, sams, wal-mart or target?

    oh and I saw the adjustable duster for high aeras and fans . do those work pretty good or will dust fall on my face when i dust the ceiling fan. My allergies have been bad so I need to keep this house spotless from dust.
    any comments or tips. Thanks in advance
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