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    Feb 7, 2017
    Has anyone had a meal for only a few people (about 7) after their swan and dolphin wedding.What time did you have your ceremony ,how long does it last and where did you have the meal .Can you have a sit down meal before 5pm at a Swan and Dolphin hotel.
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    We had more people than that but the SD will do whatever you want. You can have a meal before 5!

    We had our ceremony at Crescent Terrace but you may be more comfortable in the courtyard where smaller weddings take place... we had about 55 people. Your ceremony length depends on you and what you want. Your officiant will help you with this! Ours was about 20 minutes, at our request.

    Our dinner was at Garden Grove... it was wonderful. Good food and Goofy and Pluto were there doing their rounds. They spent loads of time with us and our guests. As far as other venues, you have access to most SD restaurants but ask your planner about time requirements and the SD ballrooms. You could also book a private dining event through Disney Catered Events but would have to meet all sorts of minimums. Another option is to make a normal advanced dining reservation on property and go literally wherever! It wouldn't be private but it could be a fun option.
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