Surprise Trip Day 7 & 8

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    Jun 13, 2000
    August 22/02 - Rob wanted to golf at some point, so we tried to get himj a tee off for today. We moved our PS for 50's Prime Time Cafe to 2:05 pm so that he could tee off at 4:28 pm to save 50 percent. We headed for Typhoon Lagoon for the morning. It was great. We were in the wave pool for a while and then we all rode the lazy river and then went back to the wave pool. We came back to the hotel, got dressed and left for MGM and raced for our PS as we had to drive so that Rob could get back to the resort to catch his cab to Lake Buena Vista for his tee-off. It started to rain as we ran for the tram and was pouring by the time we got into the park. Prime Time was pretty crowded and we were early, but checked in anyway. Rob left us quickly after lunch and Jordan and I set off on our own. We rode the Great Movie Ride which we have always loved. We got FP for WWTBAM. We did the Magic of Disney Animation, but we'll still have to do it again with Rob as he loves this one. As do we of course. We had some ice cream afterwards and then it was time for our FP. We haven't done WWTBAM before and it was awesome. I couldn't get over how much like the real thing it is. We'll have to bring Rob back to this one too. We headed out of the park then and called Rob to see where he was on the course. As he was at the 10th hole, we decided to head to Disney Quest at DD. Off to the buses and hiked down to DQ. Jordan loved it as it was like a free for all at an arcade. He played as much as we could and then he made a CD for his Dad which of course he insisted that we buy. We headed back to the hotel to meet up with Rob who had to wait 45 minutes for his return cab to show up at the golf course. I think that he wished then that he had driven himself. We went straight to bed as our PS for Cindy's is tomorrow morning and this is another surprise day for Jordan!

    August 23 - We had a 7 am wake-up call and got up at 7:25 and were on the bus by 8:20, made it to MK by 8:48 am. Our PS was for 9:05 am and we got caught up in the opening ceremonies. I had thought that there was a separate line for PS's, but the CM we talked to saide, yep, there was up until 2 minutes ago. In other words, dummies you should have been here earlier LOL. He said just hed in with everyone else and it's only a 5 minute walk to the castle. Yeah, maybe if there weren't at least 5,000 other people heading the same way. We did manage to get there by 9:00 am and headed up for breakfast. This was our first time doing this and it was really cool to eat in the castle. Belle was in the lobby, but Jordan wasn't up to seeing her yet. You know the boy/girl thing. We had surprised him with this so it was too early for him yet. We're starting to get to the girls are ooogie stage, but I was hoping that he would enjoy the experience. By the time we got upstairs and were seated Snow White was right there. He was okay with it by then and posed for a picture and got an autograph. By the time Cinderella came he was into it. He met Mary Poppins and Princess Aurora too. I had to get my pics taken with them too though (I didn't mind of course). Unfortunately, we've just gotten our pics back for this and Rob forgot to use flash (I could have murdered him) so they were very dark. On the way out Jordan agreed to meet Belle, but only for you Mom, cause Beauty and the Beast is your favourite movie. We then headed to Tomorrowland and did Buzz and TTA again. Tried to Timekeeper, but it was closed like Carousel of Progress. At this point, I was really feeling the heat for some reason and we decided to head back to the resort for a pool afternoon. We did laundry and hung out at the pool all afternoon. We headed to the room around 4:30 to get dressed for tonight's surprise. We headed to Epcot and quickly rode Spaceship Earth so that Jordan could say that he had ridden something at Epcot today. As we passed the Art of Disney, we discovered that Marie Osmond was there signing dolls. Since I am a huge Osmond fan, (especially Donny & Marie), Rob snuck over to the door and took a photo for me with the telephoto (Yay, it turned out great). We went to the UK for Fish and Chips and as we finished Jordan spotted Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore. He met all of them and now we need a new autograph book as we were just using the back of his WDW for kids book. We bought some British chocolate and candy ($9.00 later, ouch!) and headed for the International Gateway. We were meeting Tom and Jeremy from Boise for an Illuminations Cruise at Y &BC. We took the boat, cause we had lots of time and thought Jordan would like it, got off at the dock and checked out the lobby and a quick break before heading to the marina (Nice lobby!). We were early so we checked out the boats and soon Tom and Jeremy arrived. We introduced ourselves and met our Captain, Scott. We were waiting for another family to meet us, but they hadn't arrived by 8:40 pm (8:15 was the meet time) and Scott said we had to go now. Oh well so much for the cheaper cruise! Someone hadn't showed up for a Grand Plan cruise, so they had their food for the cruise left, so Scott brought it along for us (no extra charge!). We cruised along the boardwalk, past MGM and then over to Epcot to anchor for the Illuminations. Scott was a wonderful captain, passing on all sorts of Disney tidbits and he also told us the story of Illuminations which made it even more special for us. We shared our Fruit and pastries with the 2 boats next to us and it turned out that the 2nd boat had the other group that was to join us on it, Renee and her family with Amanda the birthday girl. We passed over the birthday card that we had brought for her and sent over the pastries to her to celebrate with. Illuminations were awesome especially from the water. Our captain was incredible as I said and he even dropped us all off at MGM dock so that we could catch a bus back to ASMu and Tom and Jeremy could go back to the Poly. We passed out Canada Disney store pins to our boatload that we had bought to share. Tom and Jeremy were leaving the next day so he was kind enough to give us 2 passes for mini golf that they couldn't use. The cruise ended up costing up both more than we had expected as our 3rd family were late and had to take their own boat, but we didn't mind as it was really a ton of fun. We also both tipped our captain very well. We said our goodbyes and headed to our separate buses. We got back and straight off to bed. Not sure what we're doing tomorrow. We're probably going to hit Target or Walmart at some point as we need more snacks, water and sunscreen.
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    Isn't the Illuminations Cruise just great - have done it was with other Dis'ers - hope to do it again sometime in the future - thanks for posting!
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    "Girls are oogie stage" can you teach our 3 yo DD about this? LOL

    Have got to try the Illuminations Cruise!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful time with us.
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    Waiting for more.............

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