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Earning My Ears
Jul 1, 2019
Has anyone ever surprised anyone IN Disney World? My daughter is 11 and good family friend of ours is meeting us at Disney to surprise her! Our daughter had no idea this friend is going to be there with us for the trip. Trying to come up with a great way to surprise her in the parks. Anyone done this and have a good idea ?


Sep 20, 2018
I just got back from a trip with my kids and parents. My kids had NO idea my parents were also going. We arrived at the resort first (about 30 mins before them), and they met us at the pool - just casually walked into the pool area while waving. My daughter was totally speechless. She stopped in her tracks and was just silent. My son just ran up to them and asked what they were doing here. It wasn’t quite the reaction we thought we‘d get but was special nonetheless.

Good luck whatever you decide to do! We had so much fun planning and wondering how the kids would react.


Feb 6, 2018
When we were young, my parents set up a surprise at one of the parks where we met up with our neighbors. This was WAY before cell phones, so ahead of the trip, they planned a specific place to meet in the park at a specific time. They even arranged it up so we were meeting on a bridge, and our family was walking one way and the neighbors were walking the other. It is such a fun, special memory. I remember my younger brother screaming with excitement and asking our neighbor, "What are YOU doing here?"
  • disneydreamer1980

    DIS Veteran
    Jan 12, 2017
    I’m dealing with a similar situation. My sister in law and her kids (who live cross country and we rarely see) are going to arrive on our 3rd day there and my kids are unaware. We’ve decided to all do BoG breakfast and let them “run into each other” there. Looking forward to their faces!


    DIS Veteran
    Jan 1, 2009
    It would be awesome if you could all get FP for some ride at the same time and just “run into” them as you get in line :). Bet you’d get a great ride pic!


    Shoeless in Minnesota
    Sep 15, 1999
    Our BFF's surprised us a few years ago. Just knocked on the was great!
  • Cruising Engineer

    DIS Veteran
    Apr 18, 2018
    We're planning a total surprise for our grandniece (4 yo) and grandnephews (7 and 5 yo), they don't even know they are going to WDW or DCL. Mom and dad (our nephew) know, but didn't want to endure a year of "are we going now"? Grandma and grandpa (my brother and SIL) will also be there. I reserved an SSR (DVC) 3 bdrm villa and we will eventually meet up there. One day at MK then a new adventure to the port to get on the ship. We figured a huge surprise would be easier to handle within the villa than coordinating inside MK.


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