Surial bath and a baby


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Jan 1, 2002
Okay!! Do I have your attention?!

Any strategy to booking the Surial bath and Flounders Reef Nursery?!

The more I read about the SB, the more I really want to do it (cough, cough)!! Wondering if I can convince DH...........I get $200 to spend, think SB and Rainforest pass. Was thinking Cabana Massage, Rainforest sounds better (I can use it a lot more!)

Susan, Bryan, and Grace

Firefighter Mickey

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Dec 29, 2000
Actually based on your topic, I was going to say that the surial bath is frequently how babies seem to happen - especially if you can believe the latest DCL advert ;)


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May 14, 2001
It is very easy to do the SB and place your child in FR. As it turns out, the spa reservation desk is open before FR starts taking reservations. On our cruise, FR was open from 1pm - 4pm on the days at sea (Magic: Sun, Mon, Thurs & Fri). So, we reserved our SB for Monday at 1:30 pm, and sat in the Rainforest room afterwards. They told us just to go and enjoy the Rainforest room, and they did not charge us since we had just done the SB.

It is wise to do the SB early in the week before you get sunburned. ;) The only time we had a conflict was when we wanted to do Palo's brunch. Brunch hours do not coincide with FR hours on days at sea.

Plus, you can leave your beeper in your robe pocket in the room, just in case!

Good luck and have fun!!!!

P.S. I had no interest in doing a 'mud' thing where i had to do all the work. I bargained with a massage. So, he got the SB and I got the Elemis Absolute! Turned out that I really liked the SB, so I came out ahead on both counts!!!!


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Sep 24, 1999
If you want the SB, just be sure to get to the spa reservations line early. Due in large part to the internet, it has become one of the most popular treatments!! And I can personally vouch that Disney is not guilty of false advertising (no, I'm not expecting, but I've heard from visitors to my website who ended up with the ultimate souvenir).
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