sure wish parents would watch their kids


Earning My Ears
Jan 31, 2023
Thank you for the kindness. I feel like I offended some members. Not a good feeling!!!

I need to keep focused on things like my favorite resort or Sanaa Vs. Whispering Canyon. Stay out of the deeper / philosophical discussions.
No problem.


Travel bug
Jun 28, 2020
I've never been on a cruise Disney or otherwise. Are Disney Cruises really good enough to pull me from my beloved parks?
I think so. As a first timer I would combine the two. A short cruise and a few days at the parks. The kids and teen clubs are a lot of fun. Warning if you have kids you may never see them. Our first few cruises were combo trips. The cruises gave me a nice break from the kids. The only issue I had was getting them up in the morning if we were touring in port. Disney likes to keep the teens busy until the weee hours of the morning. The adult areas are usually dead by 11 pm.


We the North! Lets go Raptors!
Mar 29, 2011
I've never been on a cruise Disney or otherwise. Are Disney Cruises really good enough to pull me from my beloved parks?
Cruising is a different kind of vacay. its so relaxing. I highly recommend it. You definitely get your disney fix with all of the characters on the ship and the theme. The food is AMAZING. I say go for it. As the pp indicated, for your first trip you can always combine a cruise/park trip in one so that you get the best out of both worlds. Even if you do the parks just for a day or two.


Travel bug
Jun 28, 2020
I see young kids having less meltdowns on cruises than I see in the parks. Young children like to swim and play more than anything. When my kids were little we spent a good chunk of our day at the resort pools. The parks are a lot for young kids. I can't blame them sometimes the heat makes me want to throw a tantrum too.

If your a person that's easily annoyed by kids I wouldn't recommend cruising out of Port Canaveral. Those cruises are kid soup. I've been on cruises with over 1500 kids.

Mackenzie Click-Mickelson

Chugging along the path of life
Oct 23, 2015
A Viking cruise through Europe is on my bucket list
Last month we were pretty close to booking a northern European Viking cruise for 2024 but I'm not so keen on how they do their levels in terms of booking categories and we couldn't come to a full agreement yet on it all.

I'm keeping my eye on Explora Journeys (luxury/ultra luxury line of MSC) as they look great, they are new and we didn't see an itinerary that we liked except for a short 3 or 4 day one that we would attach to a European trip but it was this year and not next year unfortunately.


DIS Veteran
Jun 2, 2014
when I was a kid, many years ago, LOL, we lived several blocks down the street from the grade school.
All the kids walked to school. There were no buses back then.
I walked to school at the age of 5 to first grade. Our country school did not have a kindergarten class back then.
It was never questioned. Our town was very small and everyone knew everyone else.
I also played outside til dark, and rode my back all over the small "town" to the city limits.
It was a very different time then , and it's kind of sad that today's kids won't know the freedom we had every day as kids.

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