Superior Entrance


Oct 14, 2019
Which of the two entranceways into the land do you think is the better one? It seems like Disney treats the RotR side as the "main entrance" on both coasts, but I was curious as to whether the Toy Story side entrance had a better "feel." That's all subjective, of course. I'm planning on heading in after my pm TSM Fastpass so the Toy Story Land entrance is closer, but nothing is so far that we couldn't loop around and do the other one.

only hope

DIS Veteran
Jun 7, 2014
For the very first time in, I'd go through Grand Avenue. Keep to the left if you prefer to walk through the marketplace and see the Falcon for the first time from above, or keep to the right to go past Kylo's ship, the cantina, and come upon the Falcon at ground level.


DIS Veteran
Feb 24, 2013
Grand Ave - if it's the same setup as DLR from French Quarters It allows a gradual jungle walk into the outpost vs coming upon it right from the start. Regardless, the reveal of MF from either side is pretty nice. We really enjoyed the entry experience at night from the 'right' side as the lighting effects enhanced the entry nicely.


DIS Veteran
Mar 7, 2011
Grand Ave.
The entrance from TSL is like going in the "service entrance" vs. Grand Ave is like going in the ornate double doors
We leave via TSL but never enter that way