Sunset Lakes or Indian Creek..which to stay at

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    Ok, so we have narrowed down our search to 2 in Indian Creek (a 5 bed) and one in Sunset lakes ( a 6 bed). THey both have separate hot tubs which we wanted and tvs in all bedrooms. Now the number of beds is not a big deal between 5 and 6 but does anyone know the difference between these two. We are hoping they have basketball courts somewhere. I did read that some houses in Indian Creek back onto a toll road which can be noisy but not sure if that is true or how to find out if this house does. Please help. Thanks in advance
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    Sunset Lakes has a community pool but no other sports facilities. It has a code gate.
    Indian Creek has no gate, no community pool but does have a playground and from the aerial view also has a couple of tennis courts off Autumn Creek Cir. There's also a large sports field in the section on the other side of the toll road.
    The toll road separates the two sections of Indian Creek . There's an overpass to get from one side to the other. We stayed in the first section but not backing on the toll road and it was fine.
    If you know the owner's name you can check the tax records and see a map of it's location within the subdivision.
    I can do it for you if you send me a private message with that info.
    Tax appraiser site is:

    If you look at this aerial view map you'll be able to zoom in to see the layout of each subdivision. Sunset Lakes is #16 and Indian Creek is # 11.,-81.608849&spn=0.068335,0.11055&z=13

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