Sunny weather this week in Orlando!


Earning My Ears
Feb 2, 2001
Much to my mother's chagrin, but the rest of Florida is happy, last weekend saw a thunderstorm and cool weather which broke a pretty long dry spell.
This week the weather will be great: Sunny on Tues and Wed in the mid 70's, and Partly cloudy but highs in the 80's on Thurs and Friday.
You can look up the weather for the week at: . I just wish they's predict into the 12th to the 28th!
- Jay
Here is a 10 day forecast for you :D

orlando weather
FEB 5 Partly Cloudy
lo 46°F

FEB 6 Sunny hi 74°F
lo 50°F

FEB 7 Partly Cloudy hi 79°F
lo 56°F

FEB 8 Partly Cloudy hi 80°F
lo 57°F

FEB 9 Partly Cloudy hi 81°F
lo 59°F

FEB 10 Partly Cloudy hi 80°F
lo 59°F

FEB 11 Partly Cloudy hi 78°F
lo 58°F

FEB 12 Sunny hi 70°F
lo 55°F

FEB 13 Sunny hi 69°F
lo 55°F

FEB 14 Sunny hi 71°F
lo 56°F

Those lows are still a little too low. Hope it warms up in the next month. Do you think it will?
Those are actually pretty good lows for feb. If there really is a warm spell moving in, maybe, but 50's is typical. Im guessing high 50's in a month, though it has been warm so... theres a chance you'll get your wish. I was there last year about the 14th of March and we hit 90 in the day and about 65 at night. It was higher than average for March, and I was loving it.
For ME, any thing where the ice melts is going to feel warm this time of year. There is a cartoon out there of a "New Yorker" barbecuing with icicles hanging off his grill! theres a top ten list too... I can tell you, if there are icicles on the grill, it wont work, the gas regulator cuts and no gas goes. We fixed that with a pipe wrench though...
--- Hey, remember, those lows are the middle of the night!


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