sunken airplane near Castaway Cay


Earning My Ears
Dec 2, 2000
I've heard that there is an airplane off the coast of Castaway Cay. Does anyone know where it is and is it worth snorkeling out to see?
I have photos that my hubby took of the fish by that wreckage on my website at
It's not actually a whole plane, just scattered debris. There used to be a lot more till the hurricane washed it away. Usually you can find it by lining up with the first massage cabana and heading out, but hubby couldn't find it on our trip this past weekend (strange, since it was there on our Jan. 17th trip!). He did manage to find a barracuda, tho'! This is the second time...I think they are attracted to him.
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It's the best place to snorkel at Castaway Cay that I've seen. I asked the staff at Serenity Bay if there were any good places to snorkel there and was told there wasn't really anything good. Wrong! After I was done and was coming in, I ran across the wreckage. There were tons of fish there! It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I'd spent all my film already on boring starfish because I didn't think I would see anything good. I had to go back in and get the other camera. It took me a while to find the spot again when I went back out, but it wasn't too hard. Just head out from the cabanas and follow the fish :) Now, this isn't anything like snorkelling in some of the other tropical islands where you see many, many different types of fish with many different colors, but you will see some different types and a few with bright colors. You will also see a *lot* of fish which makes it very exciting. I also saw (well almost stepped on is more like it) a sting ray on my way out.


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