suggestions: 3 day trip to see Big trees/ CA coast

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Mar 14, 2019
Hi All,
So I've been wanting to do a CA coast trip to see the big tree's for a while, and i'm thinking of putting it into my next trip, but I don't really know where to start researching for this! I'm thinking i'll only have 3 or so day's, and would like to start in northern CA and work my way down to Disneyland, or possibly the other way around. I've heard the train trip along the coast is very nice, and I love a good train trip so thinking or incorporating that. Driving isn't an option sadly. Any suggestions for where to start researching? Good day tour's you've done? Is it possible in only a short time frame?


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Nov 28, 2012
I've taken the Amtrak Coast Starlight from Emeryville down to Salinas before as a day trip, as well as various trips to San Jose. It's actually kind of slow. from the Bay Area down to San Jose. When it was "on time" it took two hours, which was kind of the plan because I was looking to spend some time with breakfast in the dining car. However, the Pacific Surfliner might be good too, but it starts in Santa Barbara. That might be good if you want a quick out and back since there are multiple trains per day. Maybe mix up the Coast Starlight one way and Pacific Surfliner back. Most stations have free parking although the lots can be full sometimes.

If you want big trees, then the Santa Cruz area is nice because those areas are a lot less crowded than Muir Woods National Monument, and they're more or less on the way for your planned route.


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