Stupid Yahoo Article Gets Under My Skin


Jun 27, 2005
Before I talk about my problem, I can assure that this time that Bob Chapek will not be included.

Okay, I was on and I've found a ridiculous Yahoo article saying Mickey and friends are no longer popular: some users believe it, but some users saying it's clickbait. And the truth is, I don't believe that nonsense. I even post on WDWMagic saying that stupid article is a lie and a nonsense. And then, someone makes fun of me saying that Disney will kill of Mickey and friends and reborn them as babies like they did to Mr. Peanut which it gets under my skin. I've been making fun of back at High School in the early 2000s because I like Mickey Mouse and Disney. They even told me Mickey Mouse dead and I hate that. I hate it when people talking bad to Mickey Mouse and friends. I mean, I know people are entitled of their opinions, but I hate it when they're making fun of Mickey and friends. I think that article is fake. And whoever wrote that article is an idiot and deluded. I hope I was right.:sad1:


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