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Discussion in 'Teen Disney' started by Free4Life11, May 7, 2002.

  1. Free4Life11

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    Apr 26, 2002
    Ok. We are going to Florida in January and want to go to Disney (I am 17, my sisters are 14 and 11).

    The thing is, my mom isn't too thrilled about it. She told me last night, she doesn't even care to go to Disney and I know her and my dad DO NOT GO ON RIDES.

    So I am thinking, why should they spend $138 to go to Disney when they wont have much fun...they've already seen their kids do enough fun stuff.

    So is it unsafe for me and my sisters to go alone?? My brother, who is 21, might also come along. I am thinking my parents could come with us one or two days (to maybe Epcot? They might like that and MGM). And they could go to Kennedy Space Center one day.

    I don't know...I just don't want to spend all day with them if they are not going to be happy and I know it would be fun if we got to be alone for a day.

    What do you think? Maybe I am just crazy and I doubt my parents will go for this but who knows. I mean I know they WOULD pay and go with us and all and I am sure they would smile and take pictures and stuff, but I know my dad would complain about the prices all day and stuff...I dunno LOL. I am just mad at my mom now for being all crabby with me - she said Florida is NOT in her top ten list of travel destinations and that the only reason she is going is to visit my brother who goes to college there.

  2. Amzey

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    Nov 6, 2000
    I don't know, I'm 17 and I'd feel safe at WDW by myself. I would make sure you do your homework and really know the place well - that way it won't seem so foreign. The only time I ever felt unsafe was when I was walking back on the path from MGM to the Beach Club and some guys on a balcony at the Boardwalk were whistling at me, LOL. But since you're a guy you don't have to worry about that. I think it would be fine for you guys to go, but I'm not your parents. :D But seriously, I would present the idea to them.
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  4. bubblemutant45

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    Apr 26, 2002
    i agree with amy. WDW is safe, but youd have to stay with your sisters the whole time and be responsible for them, cuz i dont think its a good idea for them to be walkin around alone. but other than that, theres really no problem with you guys being on your own (except for getting your parents to agree.....:p ). and you should check out a map just so you dont get overwhelmed when youre there.
    i know what you mean about the parent thing. even though my parents do like disney a lot, i remember a couple of years ago my parents spent one evening in WDW talking to this other couple, all of them complaining about how much money they were doesnt excactly add to the disney exprience ;)
    dont worry, these things always work out in the end! :)
  5. DiSnEyGrL13

    DiSnEyGrL13 Guest

    I personally think that you would be ok. I mean like I feel safer in Disney World than almost anywhere else. There's so many people around I'm sure that if something would happen, someone else would see and help. You should definatly (sp?) talkk to your parents about this idea.
  6. DisneyFanJanM

    DisneyFanJanM Earning My Ears

    Apr 12, 2002
    YEah, stupid computer, basically, my family is made of Disney Fanatics, I've been there every year since I was 5. That place is like my second home, I can't get lost. Personally, I consider Disney World to be a family place, I live in Wisconsin so any time i do go is of course with my family. Of course, then again, my family does have the advantages. My mom is such a Disney Freak, she got a part time side job as a cast member at the Disney Store! Discounts Baby! But, in thsi situation, I'd make the most of it, invite your family and tell them how anxious you are for this trip, and set limits, if you don't want to spend money of food, eat befroe you go and just don't stay all day. Set limits to Souvenirs, and keep your agenda to the things everyone wants to do, try to adjust to making a family vacation that everyone can enjoy!
    Based on my experience, we always try to include everyone, My dad (standing 6'6" so it can be difficult for him to fit on some things), My mom, me (17), and my brother (almost 8). With my brother, he hasn't reached the hieght for some of tha attractions yet (e.g. Rock n' Rollar Coaster). So we may spend a lot of time together, andmaybe split up for a while so the big kids can do their own thing. We usually go with another family, with my cousin, he's 16, and his little brother, 10. That way everyone has someone to run away with!
  7. tinagirl

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    Sep 24, 2001
    You should be ok on your own....If your parents say no, they should have no objections if your brother comes along. In the parks you'll be'll have to keep an eye on the 11 year old though. Usually a 14 year old can keep up, but being 11, she must have shorter legs, and take smaller strides, so it'll be hard for her to match your pace. Truth is, I'm going in December with 2 teens. My boyfriend (22), Myself (I'm 21...I know not a teen, but I check the boards occasionally), and his 2 cousins (One 17 and one 15) will be going to AKL by ourselves, and it's not a problem. I grew up a disney girl, and have had an Annual Pass to Disneyland in California since 1986 when they first started offering them. I've been visiting Disneyland by myself since I was 16 and got my car. I slowly corrupted my boyfriend, so now he is a Disney Freak, and now we both have annual passes at Disneyland/Disney's California Adventure here in California, as well as Disney World! (We go for about 2 weeks per year).

    Just remind your parents that Disney Property is extremely safe, and that if you ever feel uncomfortable because someone says or does anything to you, you can find a CM and shadow them until the creeps get off of your back.

    On the careful around the bus depots at places like downtown disney at night if it is just you and your sisters. The busses don't come by very often, and even though it is lit well, there are no CM's over there. You can always ask for an escort to your transportation destination, and security is usually happy to oblige. Just let them know earlier in the day, and they'll set it up for you. (Who're 17, maybe the CM security they send with you to wait at the bus stop will be one of those darling college exchange guys).

    Above all have fun!
    ~Toodles - Tina
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