Stripes On Tour (Mar 2002)- 6 - Yesterday, we went to EPCOT

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    Stripes On Tour

    Previously on Spotty’s holiday ……

    The night before
    The Journey
    Me first full day
    There’d better not be any queues
    We’ve got time fer a coffee

    Yesterday, we went to EPCOT


    6.15 and time fer me report. This sittin and chillin lark’s working really well. I get to make the,most of me holiday, while V and the kids get to sleep normally. We were all noticeably more alert, time-wise, last night so we must have re-tuned our body clocks. V was a wake at 5.30 when I came out of the shower, so I got her a coffee and told her they can lie-in till 7.30 this morning.
    All heart, me.

    So, yesterday. They were ready to go when I went back to the room at 9.30 (they wouldn’t dare be otherwise!) so we got the bus as scheduled and were enterin Epcot dead on 10am. Security checks looked busy as we approached but we got straight through.
    I got two shocks to start the day. Test track was down Mar3-8th and there was a queue for Spaceship Earth! Well, it was opening time, I suppose. We headed for the lockers to drop off our gear. We normally travel light in all the parks but it had been so cold yesterday, and we were stayin for Reflections, so we brought everything- fleeces, ponchos as well as me camera and camcorder. For once I was glad (well, prepared’s probably more accurate) to pay $5 for a locker. Must admit, I think $2 with a $5 deposit would be a fairer, more reasonable, equation.

    We headed through Innoventions East, pausing so the kids could have a go on the computer stuff there, and decided to do Ellen’s Energy Adventure first. Me and J missed this last year after the Test Track debacle (Strangers know what I mean) so I was looking forward to this. We watched the pre-show before J bailed out last year and Ellen’s sense of humour is to my taste. Not nervous (or showin it) this year, J giggled through all the right places and was enjoyin herself. Into the auditorium, we got middle seats for the film (we’re good at countin, not centre hoggers). J looked a little nervous as the doors closed and we started to move. Edgin closer to me as the dinosaurs came into view, I reassured me Angel that this was why we sit in the middle. Clearly, if them Dinos reach into the car they’ll eat them either side of us but not be able to reach us in the bestest seats. If Gaz gets eaten, we’ll sell his season-ticket and if it’s Mam then we’ll just get takeaways. Anyways we survived and thought this was a very good ride we’d do again. Typical Disney. So realistic and Edu-funable (think I’ll leave that in coz it makes sense to me!)
    We went to Cranium Command from Ellen. We love this and wanted to video it but weren’t allowed.
    After 11 now, we figured something to eat now would be best as I hadn’t let them have breakfast and we had Ice Cream Social at 3. Me and J had chicken strips, Gaz Cheeseburger and V had a chicken sandwich. Coffee and Sprite between us came to around $22.

    Fed and watered, we set off to walk the World. We’d done all the shops last year but missed most of the attractions, so this year we planned to see everything we’d missed.

    British Invasion was first planned at 1pm. V took J to a pin station while I went to get a beer for the show. $6.50 for a half of fizzy Bass?!? And $10 for 10oz (is that a pint?).
    I don’t think so- and Canada wasn’t much better- so I watched the show sober.
    We (V and me) thought it was a good show but it seems knowin the words helped coz J was underwhelmed and declared it “Shockin!”, which isn’t very good, apparently.

    Through France, coz I wanted beer not wine, and into Morocco where Mo’Rockin were just settin up. Bud was only $3.50 and no tax (my type of country, Morocco) so we made camp. I gave V me wallet and instructions to buy Bud while I videoed the band. After the first number (one’s enough fer the video) I went to get me beer.
    Long faces ,wet seat and V comin back from the bar- she’d spilt me pint!!! The three of them then had a childish spat, telling me how it wasn’t their fault and Gaz had smirked and got kicked fer his trouble.
    Now I don’t ‘do’ childish, so I flounced away in a huff, gnashin me teeth. What is it about this place? They’d set me off on one of them fast huffy walkabouts this side of the world last year too. Must be the price of the beer.
    So, V ended up payin $7 fer a beer in the cheapest bar in The World- no wonder I was in a trainee-adult mood.

    As it was 2 o clock I headed (quickly) to Spaceship Earth. The walk would settle me mood and havin to trot behind would teach V a lesson. Me and the Boy rode SE with me video and I started to chill. Me tape and battery both gave out half way round so I started gnashin me teeth again. Back to the locker to replenish equipment and we did the ride again.

    I’d decided to give the ICS a miss partly coz of me mood and partly to wander the World meself. The kids had been bored in British Invasion (though our Gaz’s become a closet Beatles fan since we returned) so what would they make of the films? V loves the Character meals, I can take them or leave them – and she HAD spilt me beer.
    This way, the kids would get to do computer stuff while I do the culture.
    Now this’ll come as a surprise to the odd Stranger but yes, I do ‘do’ culture. I’m not the thick pitlad some think I am, yer knar. Well, ok I am, but I like me culture an’all. Besides they have beer. So yer’ll have to read Pluto’s report of ICS and The Sega room etc. I was at the bar!

    I did O’Canada first and was very impressed. France next and, again, thought it was very good, albeit similar to Canada’s – suppose it’s the French Canadian connection.
    “Ah, Morocco!”
    “ I’ll have a $3.50,no tax beer, please.”
    “Would I like you to spill it for me?”
    “No, thank you. I had one earlier.”

    I enjoyed the pleasant stroll with me beer through Japan and Italy. It was a shame to miss the kids with the characters at ICS (now that is worth the money) but I was enjoyin me ‘lads day out’. I don’t often get ‘just me’ time, so this was a pleasant change and me ‘trainee-adult mood’ had eased too.

    The American Adventure was on in 20 minutes. I’d always missed this before coz the waitin times fer the next show were always longer than I wanted to wait. The nice American lady said there was a singin group (American Vybe) doin a show in 5 minutes so I just had time to finish me beer before they started.
    A typical wholesome,cuddlesome harmony group, I really enjoyed American Vybe and had me respectful tear when they sang ‘America, America’.
    Into the auditorium for the main event it was a shame they don’t allow videos coz I’d have loved to add this to me collection. Understandably ‘up’ and patriotic, the animatration (I think I’ve made that up an’all) was superb. Almost the highlight of me day, (the highlight’s comin up – thank you Angel) I just had time to do Mexico and Norway for me video before Tapestry of Dreams. It did occur to me that it seemed odd wanderin around on me own, especially getting on rides, but then I enjoyed meself just as much and I even talked to the odd foreigner – which was nice. It semed to me that if anyone had to have a holiday on their own then this was the place to do it. Yer never on yer own in WDW.

    Like the well-oiled machine that I am, (that’s organised, not sozzled!) I exited Maelstrom 5 minutes before ToDs and found meself a good spot fer me video. Maybe that’s another plus fer singles- you can squeeze in anywhere. But it wasn’t to be, the show was cancelled for bein windy. Didn’t seem much of a breeze to me but I suppose them kites are only tissue and stuff. Never mind, maybe it’ll drop for the 8.10 show.
    Time for tea, then. Me plan had been to watch ToD then wander to Future World to get summat to eat and look around Innoventions. I’d left V with Travellers Cheques and UMPs so they could come and go as they pleased. Now I’m chilled, if I bump into them fine, but if I stay on me own, also fine. I’m enjoyin me own company and havin just meself to consider fer a change – and I keep up!
    Since I’d have to be back for 8 o clock rather than 9 for Reflections, I decided to eat in one of the countries, have another beer and chill some more.
    So, what to have? Maybe Mexican? Didn’t fancy the menu that much. Maybe Chinese? Not really that hungry yet, I fancied another drink (there’s a surprise). It had been ages since I’d had me unspilt Moroccan ,$3.50, no-tax Bud. Why is it one country has lower prices for the same beer – and no tax? I reckon they must get so little trade they have to undercut their foreign ‘allies’ to get by. So I resolved to support their initiative by makin as many purchases as I could to support their economy.
    But it’s a long walk to Morocco, so I’ll get a drink here to carry with me. But what?
    Now I remembered Angel telling me to try the frozen Margaritas – well, it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it? I’d only had a Margarita once before and thought they were nice, so I thought ‘why not?’ the answer was that they were $6.89 with tax! I nearly passed the opportunity but I did want a drink and Morocco was a long walk. I got a Fiesta coz it had all the flavours in it – appeals to a lad’s sense of value.

    Mandy! I love yer!!!!
    Slush’ll never be the same again. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

    Ah must have looked quite the sophisticate as ah sipped me multi coloured slush through a straw, walkin through the World in me Sunderland baseball cap and England T Shirt.

    I perused China and pondered their menu but it was Japan that took me fancy and I just finished me frozen alcopop as I arrived at the Yakitori House. I had the Shogun Combo (beef and chicken with rice) and a packet of shrimp flavoured potato chips that took me fancy fer afters. I passed on the Japanese beer coz I’d had one last year and planned to go support the Moroccan economy next anyway.
    Another advantage of drinkin Morocco dry is, with no tax, yer don’t have to fiddle for them little coins for the odd money.

    Mo’Rockin were back on and they’d fixed their drum machine (I knew there was summat missin from their earlier performance). They were playin one of them round things that gets busier and faster. Real foot tappin, knee bendin stuff.
    ‘Steady, DaveyBoy. Yer’ll be boppin with the pretty belly dancer next!’

    It’s 8 o clock now and I’ve just been for a coffee and the paper. ‘We’ were at home to Bolton last night.
    I popped in to see how the family’s getting on. All soundo. Decided to let them sleep while I finish telling you me story. It’s MGM all day today and while I did want an early start to beat the lines on RnRC and ToT, I’ll get loads of opportunities coz I don’t plan to do the shows this year. Besides, the lines in MK and Epcot have been hardly beyond 15 minutes.
    Oh, and we won 1:0 by the way.

    So where were we? Oh yeh, foot tappin, knee bendin and ogglin the belly dancer.

    Me and me no-tax beer wandered through Germany and back into China. Nearly time for ToDs , if it’s on, but too early to stand. So I went and got meself one of them Margaritas- just to make sure I really liked them. A nice sit-down in Norway will be relaxin.
    There’s V.
    Maybe just a sit-down then.

    The kids were on Maelstrom but she’d decided to sit it out coz they’d just had Funnel Cakes and they were bigger and more sickly than she’d bargained for. V & J had had to throw some of theirs away but the Boy’d managed all of his without battin an eyelid – Dad’s appetite and sense of value, yer see.

    They got out of Norway just in time for us to take positions for ToDs. By the way, forgot to say – isn’t the Norway film similar to France and Canada’s but more borin?

    ToDs was cancelled again. That’s four times now I’ve tried to see this parade and still nowt to show for it. What now?
    I’d told V about me frozen Margarita and volunteered to get another so she could taste it – it was too cold for V to have ice. We found a perfect spot between Norway and Mexico (and coincidentally just to the left of me slush stall) to watch Reflections. I sipped me new favourite drink while we watched the lights twinkle on the lake and told each other of our afternoon. Apparently Pluto (the real one, not the bairn) had licked the Boy’s head and Mickey had told him off for not colourin in his table mat picture.

    Me Maragrita evaporated just before Reflections was due to start so I had to get another one.

    Havin watched Reflections on me video so much, and havin a cruise booked for next week, I wasn’t sure if I’d lost the taste for me former favourite show. Not a chance!
    The hair stood up on the back of me neck as soon as the flame danced across the sky and I watched it through slightly glazed ‘glad to be back’ eyes. We felt closer to the action than our normal spot on International Gateway Bridge and that added to the enjoyment of the show.

    It didn’t seem to take too long to exit the park. I did worry there might be a long line to retrieve our locker key deposit, but there wasn’t, and we were soon home.

    Me and me sore feet (bet yer thought I’d never mention them) were soon on the bed with a Sam Adams Boston beer, (nicely nutty dark ale, that one) while the kids got themselves and V a massive pizza. They took pity on me and gave me a slice but I musn’t have wanted all of it coz I stood on half of it when I got up this morning.

    Right. That’s us up to date and it’s 8.50. Time for them to get up or I’ll start getting bored.

    See yer in the morning, same time, same place.

    Drink in Morocco. It’s yer International duty!
  2. Astrid

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    Aug 19, 2000
    Yep, those frozen Margheritas really are very nice aren't they! (hic!) :)

    I've obviously missed something of vital importance somewhere along the line here ..... what is ICS?! :confused: !!

    Astrid x
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  4. BevS97

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    Oct 31, 2000
    LOL Astrid, it took me a while to work out - it's Ice Cream Social!

    Sounds like a great day Dave - I think an afternoon on your own sounds like bliss. And those margarita's sound like the business too.

    Shame about the parade, again! I can't believe your bad luck with that.

  5. Kevin Stringer

    Kevin Stringer Chat Host

    Mar 3, 2000
    Much as it is lovely to tour Epcot with the family, I too enjoy wandering around on my own every now and then.

    Norway/Mexico is always my favourite place to watch ROE. I'm sure you are right about it being closer to the action. That show gets me everytime. It defines all that is wonderful about WDW for me.

  6. Angeluk

    Angeluk ....polishing up my halo!

    May 5, 2001
    :D Glad to see you enjoyed them Dave! I could just go one now! And you managed to have my 'usual' at Japan too, the Shogun combo...lovely! I've been waiting for you to mention your feet
  7. WDWfan uk

    WDWfan uk <font color=red>.... but you can call me Shirley :

    Aug 21, 1999
    Ah! Vintage stuff Dave :) ........... just can't wait to see ROE again!!!!!!!! Just reading about it, I can hear the music, see the show........ no, I'm not running the video, but I think I will tomorrow :D
  8. Sue F UK

    Sue F UK Florida keeps me poor...but happy

    Mar 1, 2002
    "No-tax" - music to my ears. Thanks for the tip Dave, looks like we will be getting intimately aquainted with the Morrocan culture on our next visit ;)
  9. Carol Ann UK

    Carol Ann UK I'm going to Florida again!!

    May 7, 2001
    " If Gaz gets eaten, we’ll sell his season-ticket and if it’s Mam then we’ll just get takeaways."

    LOL Dave. Trust you to find a practical solution to any problem.

    I was reading this at the end of my lunch hour at work this afternoon. Trouble was I hd to carry on and finish it when I should have been working. Unfortunately I might have got way with it if I hadn't been laughing so much!!!!!!!!

    Never mind, you got the blame. Hope thats OK

  10. caroley

    caroley Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

    Jun 11, 2000
    Great report, as always :D. I must remember to steer dh and dn towards Morocco for their drinkies this year. I'm sure dn will also love those margaritas.
  11. squitty

    squitty <font color=006633>With a little bit of Pixie Dust

    Mar 7, 2001
    5,625 you to find a place that sells beer with no Tax!! ;)

    So guess we will have to try them margherita thingy's then...if they are good enough for you then they are for us:D
  12. AlisonB

    AlisonB <font color=990000>Bonzo's DW!!<br><font color=blu

    Feb 12, 2001
    Brilliant Dave!

    Those 'slushes' are great aren't they!
  13. Janice

    Janice Super Shopper

    Aug 18, 1999
    Great report Dave - thanks :)

    Margherita's on list to try :D :D :D

    That spot sounds just perfect for me and Shirleybob to watch Illuminations in May - if it's good enough for You and Kevin Baby - then it's gotta be good! :) Could you tell me more or less where you stood?

    Thanks again - really enjoying reading :)
  14. SpottyDog

    SpottyDog Guest

    Jan, it's literally right between Mexico and Norway, just to the left of the Margarita stand. There's a little iron railing you can lean or sit on as you wait and it's the most perfect view we've ever had- and that includes our ship!

    We got there just after 8 this night and got front row 'seats'. We went back on our last night to watch with Astrid and got there much nearer 9pm. Although there were loads of people there by then it was still a very good view.
  15. Minniespal

    Minniespal <img src="

    Jan 14, 2003
    Thanks for the wonderful report - luv reading them!!!

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