Storey Lake - DecoNova Rental


Mar 16, 2014
Stayed in a Storey Lake townhome in January rented through DecoNova vacations on Love Storey Lane - 5 BR/4 Bath. If you want to look it up on their site it is rental number LK 4812

The price was right ($169 or so per night) and my MiL really wanted the whole family together, so she booked it against my suggestion that we stay closer to WDW proper. All in all, it wasn't a bad drive to get to Storey Lake, though some members of our family got lost every day. It's a straight shot down Osceola to WDW if you have a toll pass.

The Unit itself was well-kept and well stocked. We thought the couch in the living room was a little uncomfortable but the beds were fine and each "family" from our party had their own bathroom (very important to me!). We had 7 adults and one child and it was plenty of room for us. We did not use the pool or resort amenities.

The computer system for the gatehouse was down when we all arrived, so they just let us in and told us to get parking passes the next day. I'm not sure of the point of the gatehouse as when we returned all they did was ask where we were staying and take down information from a driver's license - they didn't match it to a reservation or anything. One member of our party did have an issue finding the main entrance as another poster has noted in another thread - GPS was taking her to a gated entrance without a gatehouse that was closed for the night. She couldn't find her way in and got fairly upset.

I still prefer Bonnet Creek but would recommend this area if a house is best for your group!


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