STk restaurant--how loud??


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Jan 28, 2001
Was reading a recent trip report and the people said the restaurant was so loud with a DJ and music that they couldn't enjoy the meal.

Being a "higher end" restaurant I found that rather odd.

So just HOW loud is this place??

Are we talking Planet Hollywood loud


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Nov 3, 1999
From multiple reviews, I believe you are.
It is not targeting the traditional high end steakhouse demographic. It is more of a nightclub meets steakhouse, I have decided it is not for us.


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Apr 29, 2000
This is interesting, I had no idea. I have a reservation there next month, now I am rethinking. Does anyone know what hours/when there is a DJ? Thanks for this info


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Aug 25, 2012
The DJ spins from the beginning of dinner to close. I don't find the DJ to be as loud as the other STK restaurants but it still may be loud for some. The concept of STK is nightclub meets steakhouse. Their tag line is "Not your Daddy's Steakhouse".

You can always sit outside either at the entrance of the restaurant or on the rooftop, where the music isn't as loud. I'm a huge fan of STK, and thrilled that we have one in Orlando. Food, drinks and service are consistently good - company wide.

ETA: if your going to drop that much cash on a dinner, Bull & Bear at the Waldorf is an excellent alternative and much more quiet. My recommendation is the pasta explosion or ahi tuna starters, filet or tomahawk for main, sautéed spinach and Mac and cheese for sides, and the Lemon for dessert (Best. Dessert. Ever.)
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Oct 2, 2000
we too were concerned, but it was acceptable. BUT we were told as the night goes on it gets louder. we had a 6 pm ressie. the food is excellent and we would definitely go again

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