Staying at a Tokyo Disney Hotel for the first time in September


Nov 15, 1999
I have been to Tokyo Disney plenty of times before, but September will be the first time I will stay at a Disney hotel. I am taken my parents to Tokyo for the first time and my girlfriend will meet us there. It will be there their first time in Japan and the perks of the Happy 15 Entry and being able to sleep four in a single room sold the Celebration Hotel to me.

How is the bus service from the Celebration Hotels to the parks? I spotted a Yakitori (japanese BBQ) restaurant near the hotels and I think that will be our first meal after we check in. Any other suggestions for food around the hotel?

Thank you!


Jul 12, 2015
I am staying at the Celebration Hotel next month and will let you know. We're staying in a standard room with the 2 day beds.


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