Stateroom 5504


DIS Veteran
Oct 5, 2002
Hello all....sailing on the Magic on May 8th Western...booked this cruise onboard when we sailed the week after Thanksgiving...we booked GTY and was assigned a category 11 which we paid for....friend of mine at work works for a cruise agency and she took over the reservation....they upgraded us to a category 8 but moved us into stateroom 5504 in the front of the ship...anyone stay in this cabin or close to it quiet....any details would be really appreciated.


DIS Veteran
Jul 24, 2001
I have been in 5520 several times and I love it. Wouldn't trade the location for anything.


I second that... we stayed in 5510 and LOVED it (we have sailed DCL 5 times and that was our favorite location.

The rooms are very quiet. Being that there are only a few rooms down that way (instead of an endless hallway of room after room) it does not get the foot traffic that other areas get. Only the people that have rooms down there will be going back and forth which makes it very nice. I also hate the endless hallway feeling that you get when walking down the decks that are ALL rooms, and this area does not get that feeling. It is a great location as far as proximity as well, I kept commenting about that to my husband (it seemed like everuthing was soo close...even when we were going to the other end of the ship) and if you have kids that will be using the facilites it is even better because they are right there.

All in all we loved the location and would definetly book in that area again in a heart beat. I don't think you will be disappointed at all :)

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