Starflyer ride and the eye Ferris wheel


"It's a bug-eat-bug world out there, princess."
Sep 6, 2003
We did a combo day of The Orlando Eye, Wax Museum, Sea Life and added with Groupon the Skeleton Museum. We enjoyed the time, all are well done, parking is free and plenty of places around there for lunch or dinner if you want.

StarFlyer .... will never ever happen, even my very adventurous kid (rappelled down a 20+ story building) says he won't get on it.


DIS Veteran
May 23, 2003
I've done the eye/icon three times,the starflyer once,the wax museum three times and the aquarium twice.The aquarium is the only one I dont care to do again,its nice but no big deal,the rest I enjoy every time I do them.


DIS Veteran
Jul 15, 2010
I so wanted the Eye to be amazing. I’ve been to the one in London, and loved it. But the architecture in Orlando is just not striking, especially from above. Theme parks are all about facades, which are just meh from the Eye. It’s also pretty far from Disney, so you see the icons from a great distance. If you do go, go at night. Sea Life was okay. I can’t speak of the others, and I doubt I’ll go back.


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