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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Pinnie, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. Pinnie

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    Jul 17, 2002
    Just returned from a very different kind of DVC trip last night and it was a good time. It involved SSR and NO PARKS! Well, maybe a tiny bit of a park or two.

    Our group consisted of 5 adults all in their 40's and 50's. Our purpose for this trip was the Drum Corp shows at the Citrus Bowl on Friday and Saturday nights.

    Our best friend is a DVC member at OKW, WL, BW and BCV. DH and I are members at BCVs. I deposited points into our friends account a few months ago and we reserved a 2 bedroom at SSR.

    Four of usl arrived on Thursday and met up at MCO. We rented an Explorer from Budget and were off to Publix for our groceries and then headed to SSR and arrived at about 7:00 p.m. Our local friend met us just as we were parking to check in.

    Check in went very smoothly and we were surpirsed at the "vastness" of the checkin area and for us the plainess of it. There was no one besides us in the area and it just seemed so "big".

    Our room was in Congress Park, 2411 a dedicated 2 bedroom overlooking West Side. The view was wonderful. The room was just as we expected, a carbon copy of BCVs with different decor. There was a burnt out lightbulb in each bathroom and in the jacuzzi tub area and we were missing a few items from the kitchen. A call brought them up and the lighbulbs replaced while we were gone. I was not impressed with the exterior hallways. To me this "cheapened" the place and made it seem more like a moderate than the true upscale place that it is. I do like OKW much better as far as parking at your unit, too. In our case we do rent a car all the time and can see how it would be almost necessary to have one to hike from some of those outbuildings under construction to the community hall!!!

    Thursday night we drove over to MGM and grabbed a very quick dinner snack at the Commissary and then headed to the 10:30 Fantasmic show. We were back in time to see the PI fireworks at midnight from our balcony. Don't blink cause you may miss them.

    Friday the guys got in a run and the girls headed over to the SPA. We opted for the stone massage for 80 blissful minutes. We found the spa staff very friendly. The spa decor isn't as "luxurious" as the one at the GF, but we did like the private dressing area there as opposed to the one at the GF. It was a wonderful time and one that we will repeat in the future. The afternoon was spent at DD just shopping and eating at Earl of Sandwich (MY favorite place). For dinner we headed off site to Chick-fil-A and then to the Citrus Bowl for the first night of the DCI competition. We came back near midnight and were not impressed with the guard on duty that night at the shack. We pulled up and waited and waited and she never picked her head up from whatever it was she was reading so we just pulled in. The other nights there was someone else there who welcomed us home and was much more attentive!

    Saturday we woke up late and the girls made breakfast and we just vegged for awhile and watched a few DVDs. The guys went to the workout room to do their workouts and pronounced it one of the BEST they have ever seen in a hotel. The girls just sat around and chatted. Later we walked to the main pool (BUSY) and decided to use the quiet pool where it was very, well, "quiet" We then went off site to Panera Bread at the Millenium Mall for dinner and then back over to the Citrus Bowl for the second inght of the DCI competition. Again we were back before midnight and took to the balcony for a wonderful evening. Here is another complaint about SSR: the size of the balcony. It is very small and only has 2 chairs. Now, this is a room that fits 8 people! We ended up taking out 2 chairs from the bar area onto the deck to watch the fireworks. One member of our group opted to just stay inside because there really was no room.

    Sunday we made breakfast and packed up and headed over to EPCOT for an hour or so (love those APs). We then headed back to MCO for our flights home.

    Overall I would say SSR is "OK" There IS a lot of construction going on but it did not interfere with our stay. This resort is going to be HUGE, however. I do agree with other posters on this board that the main pool is NOT going to be big enough to support that whole complex. It was crowded on Saturday with just a few buildings opened! We did use the pathway to DD and wish there would be more shade. It was a nice walk but it was very HOT and some shade trees would be much appreciated.

    We were also not impressed with the food selections at Artist's Palette and decided to go off site for most of our meals. Again, once this place reached capacity, I don't see how the area will be able to handle the crowds!

    For our purposes on this trip SSR was "OK" , and we are glad we checked it out, but we all agreed that our future visits will have us at BCVs and the 2 bedrooms at OKW instead.


    P.S. for you DCI fans out there: Blue Devils won on Friday, Cavs on Saturday. Next rrip is July 29 - 31 to Murfreesboro TN for the midsummer DCI games there and then we are off to Denver, CO for finals!
  2. Terry S

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    Aug 9, 2001
    Thanks for sharing the report Pin! I have been waiting for you to return to hear your opinion knowing that it would be unbiased! I echo your sentiments about SSR after having visited it. I did love SSR once I got into the rooms. The decor there is beautiful. I was bothered by the cement exterior hallways and I was not impressed by the one "resturarant". Well, let me be honest, in actuality, I liked Artist Palette and would love to have that at my BCV in additon to the current offerings there (hey now that is a good idea) I just don't think that that should be the only food offering at a resort of this size and caliber. If they had Artist Palette at SSR in addition to a full service sit down place that would be perfect.
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  4. chainkid

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    Apr 3, 2001
    When we visited SSR in June-July trip, I expressed the same sentiments about the resort that you just shared. I was flamed because I had only visited and not actually stayed there. I'm glad since then several other posts have stated the same things. I felt that this resort as it stands is not my cup of tea. I too thought the cement corridors were not in keeping with the beautiful interior room decor. One is very upscale the other is not. I also felt food court was too small and offered limited selections. I didn't try the pool but it looked nice but again rather small. It appears to be a huge resort with everything spread out...not easy to walk laces in the heat of summer with no shade.

    Since I am a BW person, I'm obviously into the convenience of a hotel location and services, but if I want a quiet place I would choose OKW as a better set up. The place is selling like hotcakes so it obviously appeals to alot of people. I wouldn't be happy here at all now but I will keep checking to see if things change once the resort is more complete. On the positive side the rooms are nicer than the other DVC resorts in my opinion. The furnishings look like a nice home whereas the BW looks more like a nice beach house. But then when you are staying in WDW its all good.
  5. Chim Chiminy

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    Apr 10, 2003
    Thank you for giving your opinions on SSR.
    They are quite similar to the ones I posted about our recent trip there.

    The vastness of the check in area, that is what I wanted to express about our feelings on the space. I don't think I found the words for it. It is huge and empty, needs more seating or something.

    Did you ever feel like the paths were just meandering with no end in sight?
    At times we were wishing there were just direct paths to the destinations, instead of curving in and out of the landscaping.
  6. jbwolffiv

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    Sep 27, 2003
    Thanks for the detailed report! Cant wait to see it for myself in a few weeks.
  7. Pa@okw95

    Pa@okw95 Guest

    Thanks for you report. Your remarks are quite common to SSR. One thing that I would correct is you stating that a 2 bedroom fits 8 people, a two bedroom has 3 beds that fits 6 people, one should never confuse the max capacity as somthing that it was designed for. A one bedroom is designed for 2 people, a studio for 4, and a 2 bedroom for 6, and the GV for 10. The max capacity is the legal limit you can have in a room, not what it was designed for. It is hoped that most do not stuff these units with the max capacity. The more reports that keep coming in about any DVC place the better, thanks for yours. You are right about the walkway outside, it sure sounds to me like a moderate at WDW.
  8. ErinC

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    Jul 6, 2000
    Pinnie, thanks for the report. I just booked a stay at SSR for Feb. We visited the models in May, and while I really liked the pool area and the sales area is great, I'm not sure how I'll feel actually staying there. We are taking my parents, and I hope they will like it, although they loved VWL on our last trip. I'm just hoping it won't be a disappointment after the lodge. I really wanted to try out Boardwalk, but after our less than stellar stay at BCV, DH wants to avoid the whole area!:rolleyes: He really liked SSR when we saw the models, and even mentioned someday owning points there, since he is not the Disney nut in the family, I'll take what I can get!:sunny: We'll see how I feel about SSR after our trip in FEB. I have a feeling my feelings will be similar to yours.
  9. puffkin

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    Apr 30, 2001
    We just bought in at SSR and took the tour a few weeks ago. We were told the max capacity for a studio is four (queen bed, and double sleeper sofa), one bedroom is four (king bed, and sleeper sofa), two bedroom is 8 (King bed, 2 queens, and sleeper sofa) and grand villa is 12. This was also the information in our membership packet. Just didn't want anyone to get confused.
  10. Pinnie

    Pinnie <font color=green>Working a Dream Job<br><font col

    Jul 17, 2002

    I disagree. We were in a 2 bedroom unit. There was a King bed in one bedroom that sleeps 2, 2 beds in the second bedroom that sleep 2 each and a sofa bed in the living room that sleeps 2. (and our friend that slept on it pronounced it VERY comfortable).

    Do the math 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8.

    I don't understand how putting 8 in a 2 bedroom is considered "STUFFING". There were 8 place settings in the cupboards and drawers!

    I'm not understanding the doublespeak about "legal limit, maximum capacity and what it was designed for". Please explain.


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